Pakistan test fires Nuclear Capable Ballistic Missile

February 23, 2007

Pakistan has test fired their long-range nuclear capable surface-to-surface,  two staged solid fuel ballistic missile Hatf-VI, Shaheen II.

Hatf-VI, Shaheen II

The Shaheen II, Hatf-VI launched from an undisclosed location has a range of roughly 2,000 kilometers i.e. 1,250 miles which covers a major portion of India (the main threat).

The Shaheen II, Hatf-VI is Pakistan’s longest-range ballistic missile system, and has the capability to hit major cities in neighboring India.

The missile “can carry nuclear and conventional warheads with high accuracy,” the military said in a statement. An earlier version of the missile was tested in April 2006, and officials said they could not release details of how it had been upgraded.

On Wednesday, Pakistani and Indian officials signed an agreement in New Delhi to reduce the risk of an accidental nuclear war between them.

Pakistan became a declared nuclear power in 1998 in response to nuclear tests by India.

After witnessing the missile test on Friday, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, Gen. Ehsan Ul Haq, congratulated the scientists and engineers for “achieving an important milestone in Pakistan’s quest for sustaining strategic balance in South Asia,” the military statement said.

It also quoted Haq as saying that “Pakistan’s strategy of credible minimum deterrence was fully in place and was a guarantee of peace in the region.”

In separate messages, Pakistani President Gen. Pervez Musharraf and Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz also congratulated the scientists and engineers for upgrading the missile.


Bret Lee out of Worldcup

February 23, 2007

Australian pacer Brett Lee has been ruled out of the World Cup with an ankle injury and his recovery is expected to take up to three months.  Stuart Clark has been called to replace one of the fastest bowlers of cricket history.

Trefor James, the team doctor, said Lee would be unable to bowl for two to three months. “Brett has injured the ligaments in his left ankle and after further review by orthopaedic surgeon Kim Slater, Kim has advised me that the injury has not improved,” Trefor said.

Australia’s first game of the World Cup is on March 14 against Scotland and the squad is also waiting on the fitness of Andrew Symonds. Symonds had surgery on his arm before the CB Series finals and hoped to make a mid-tournament entry.

Australia would also be missing the services of Adam Glichrist in initial stages of the tournament – Gilchrist would be with his wife – who is expecting a baby.

This is a big blow to the confidence of World Champions – who has already suffered their humiliating defeats in their ODI Cricketing history.

Samjhota Express – Truth of Indo-Pak Relationship

February 22, 2007

For last so many years, we have been hearing from both sides (India & Pakistan) that peace between India & Pakistan can only be achieved through friendship between people. Whether its Friendship Bus Service, Friendly Cricket Series (Dil Jeet Lo – Win the Hearts) or its Samjhota Express Train Service – all are the tries to reach to the goal of peace.

BUT, recent tragedy of Samjhota Express near Panipat has brought the truth out of this so called peace-process. The measured distance between Wahgah Border (Entry point of this train) & Delhi (Indian Capital) is 492 KM i.e. roughly 300 miles. Don’t believe me – see it for yourself – this is what Indian Government signs are saying on the border.

Road Sign

Train from Indian side, starts its journey from Delhi. Recent news have shown that for 300 miles of journey – mind you its not an express train – it hardly travel at the speed of 30 to 40 miles per hour, people are are bound to be caged in bogies from Delhi till they reach the crossing point. No immigration procedure is performed from the starting point of journey – all the immigration, customs, checking etc are performed at Wahgah border. Then whats the logic behind caging the passengers like animals are kept in zoos? Is this what the world’s largest democracy has to offer to the world?

Indian Claims

Where is the list of Passengers? When people are boarded on train – there is a list maintained by the government, and security and “so called” intelligence agencies do keep a list of the passengers travelling by this “spacious train” with a capacity of 300 passengers carrying more than double of its capacity. Where is that list? Why has it not yet been provided to the Government of Pakistan?

Mr. Laloo, Railway minister of India is claimed to be a close & personal friend of Shiekh Rasheed (the railway minister of Pakistan) and has visited is well known laal haveli in Ralwapindi, as per a program telecasted on AAJ Television – Mr. Rasheed says that he has been unable to speak to his close friend & counter part on other side. Mr. Laloo is missing from the scene.

News reports also suggests that all the telephonic links between India & Pakistan were cut off after the news break up?

Our Government (if one exists) has accepted that it didn’t know that passengers were given such a VIP treatment on the Indian side. This train service started back in 1974. What is our intelligence agency doing? Intelligence agencies are meant to safeguard the interests of the country – and from this report it seems that they have nothing to do with the interests of its own citizens!

What are Indian security agencies doing? There was no checking what so ever performed by any official before the train left its station?

I mean I am not getting emotional – I don’t want to be – but for anyone’s sake – people are people – they are human – they are not animals – they should be treated like human.

 I am forced to sing the song

 “Samjhota Ghamo`n Say Kar Lo…..

Verses of the Day – Allama Iqbal (RA)

February 15, 2007

Na Utha Phir Koi Rumi Ajam Kay Laala Zaaro`n Say,
Wohi Aab o Gill e Ira`n, Wohi Tabrez Hay Saaqi,

No Other Rumi has born again in the gardens of Ajam (world other than Arab)
Same is the air & soil of Iran, Same is the Tabrez

Nahin Hay Naa Umeed Iqbal Apni Kisht e Veera`n Say,
Zara Namm Ho Tau Yea Matti Bohat Zarkhaiz Hay Saaqi

Iqbal isn’t hopless of his deserted land,
a little intent & this soil is very much fertile potent

<<forgive me for my pathetic translation>>

Baal e Jibreel – Allama Dr. Sir Muhammad Iqbal (RA)


ICC Cricket Worldcup 2007 – Schedule

February 13, 2007

ICC Cricket Worldcup 2007 - Matche Schedule

Team Pakistan – Worldcup 2007

February 13, 2007

According to sources of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), selection committee has finalized the squad, which included five batsmen, three all rounder, one wicketkeeper and six bowlers.The world cup team includes Imran Nazir, Muhammad Hafeez, Inzamamul Haq, Younis Khan, Muhammad Yousuf, Kamran Akmal, Shoaib Malik, Shahid Afiridi, Abdul Razzaq, Shoaib Akhter, Muhammad Asif, Rana Naveedul Hasan, Umer Gul, Rao Iftikhar and Danish Kaneria whereas Muhammad Sami and Shahid Nazir would be stand-by players, sources added.

  1. Imran Nazir
  2. Muhammad Hafeez
  3. Inzamamul Haq
  4. Younis Khan
  5. Muhammad Yousuf
  6. Kamran Akmal
  7. Shoaib Malik
  8. Shahid Afiridi
  9. Abdul Razzaq
  10. Shoaib Akhter
  11. Muhammad Asif
  12. Rana Naveedul Hasan
  13. Umer Gul
  14. Rao Iftikhar
  15. Danish Kaneria

I guess the selectors have picked the best possible combination atleast on papers available to them.

 Arguablly, instead of Danish Kaneria – I guess Left Arm Spinner Abdur Rehman would have been a better choice.

In wicket-keeping department I am sure Zulqarnain Haider is a much better wicket keeper –

Shabbir Ahmed should have been picked instead of Rao Iftikhar –

Muhammad Hafeez’s place in the side is also a question mark, Azhar Mehmood might have been a better choice?

Team New Zealand announced for ICC Worldcup Cricket 2007

February 13, 2007

Kiwis also announced their squad today.


  1. Stephen Fleming (c)
  2. Shane Bond
  3. James Franklin
  4. Peter Fulton
  5. Mark Gillespi
  6. M. Mason
  7. Brendon Mcullum (wk)
  8. Craig Macmillon
  9. Jacob Oram
  10. J. Patel
  11. Scott Styris
  12. Ross Taylor
  13. D. Tuffey (making a comeback after 2 years of injury)
  14. D. Vettori
  15. Lou Vincent