Samjhota Express – Truth of Indo-Pak Relationship

For last so many years, we have been hearing from both sides (India & Pakistan) that peace between India & Pakistan can only be achieved through friendship between people. Whether its Friendship Bus Service, Friendly Cricket Series (Dil Jeet Lo – Win the Hearts) or its Samjhota Express Train Service – all are the tries to reach to the goal of peace.

BUT, recent tragedy of Samjhota Express near Panipat has brought the truth out of this so called peace-process. The measured distance between Wahgah Border (Entry point of this train) & Delhi (Indian Capital) is 492 KM i.e. roughly 300 miles. Don’t believe me – see it for yourself – this is what Indian Government signs are saying on the border.

Road Sign

Train from Indian side, starts its journey from Delhi. Recent news have shown that for 300 miles of journey – mind you its not an express train – it hardly travel at the speed of 30 to 40 miles per hour, people are are bound to be caged in bogies from Delhi till they reach the crossing point. No immigration procedure is performed from the starting point of journey – all the immigration, customs, checking etc are performed at Wahgah border. Then whats the logic behind caging the passengers like animals are kept in zoos? Is this what the world’s largest democracy has to offer to the world?

Indian Claims

Where is the list of Passengers? When people are boarded on train – there is a list maintained by the government, and security and “so called” intelligence agencies do keep a list of the passengers travelling by this “spacious train” with a capacity of 300 passengers carrying more than double of its capacity. Where is that list? Why has it not yet been provided to the Government of Pakistan?

Mr. Laloo, Railway minister of India is claimed to be a close & personal friend of Shiekh Rasheed (the railway minister of Pakistan) and has visited is well known laal haveli in Ralwapindi, as per a program telecasted on AAJ Television – Mr. Rasheed says that he has been unable to speak to his close friend & counter part on other side. Mr. Laloo is missing from the scene.

News reports also suggests that all the telephonic links between India & Pakistan were cut off after the news break up?

Our Government (if one exists) has accepted that it didn’t know that passengers were given such a VIP treatment on the Indian side. This train service started back in 1974. What is our intelligence agency doing? Intelligence agencies are meant to safeguard the interests of the country – and from this report it seems that they have nothing to do with the interests of its own citizens!

What are Indian security agencies doing? There was no checking what so ever performed by any official before the train left its station?

I mean I am not getting emotional – I don’t want to be – but for anyone’s sake – people are people – they are human – they are not animals – they should be treated like human.

 I am forced to sing the song

 “Samjhota Ghamo`n Say Kar Lo…..


6 Responses to Samjhota Express – Truth of Indo-Pak Relationship

  1. Imtiaz Awan says:

    What security are you talking about in India. The biggest democracy on earth does not even have a proper national ID card system in place. India still uses rashan card or a voter registration card as a primary identification and millions of folks does not even have one, it is also not easy to get a passport.

    In 2005 India Govt tried to run some pilot projects to issue few million cards to citizens but there was resistance from some political parties.

  2. David says:

    A problem which you discuss on your site is very important for me.

  3. Humble Ahmed says:

    Mar 1 (APP): The terrorist attack on Samjhota express which claimed nearly 70 lives and wounded many could not bar the people of India and Pakistan from travelling through this source.

    Actually the Samjhota Express is a symbol of people- to-people contact between India and Pakistan, say a BBC report.

    The people who travel in this train are from the lower middle class who cannot afford travelling by air or buses because that journey is very expensive for them.

    At the time of partition in 1947 many families were divided half of which are living in India and half in Pakistan, the report say.

    So whenever there is any family event such as marriage, death etc. the members from both the sides want to be together.

    That is why the train is a symbol of friendship between the people of India and Pakistan.

    It has of course importance for both the governments in diplomatic perspective but for people it matter because that is the only way they can see each other.

    Little time has passed since the tragic incident took place but the people from both the sides are travelling through this train just normal.

    It doesn’t mean that they do not have any fear but they do not have any other option.

    Besides, it is difficult for the people on both the sides to get a visa and those who have already succeeded in getting one will not loose the opportunity the report say adding that is why the Samjhota Express is operating normal after the incident.

    The people who are now travelling through Samjhota Express would also console themselves by saying that the security arrangements will of course be tightened after the incident.

  4. bhagwan says:

    what the hell security is everyone is crying about . One single govt. let it be BJP or Congress no one can make it leak prroof untill and unless each Indian is truely withstanding it. Allthe mishaps happening all around I think is not the security leakages, rather the work of some traitors who are within us and helping the anti social elements.
    Recently the Batla house encounter prooves that how much we people stand alongside the people who are giving security to us, Instead of giving hats of to them, People have charged them with conspiracies evento those who have sacrificed their lives for us like Amar singh.
    Those who have been caught are being prvided with legal aids to fight a case for them knowing that the people caught are wrong just to get their vote bank from the minorities. My dear friends the Security word stand a way above politics and community. Those who have got the death sentence are in pending for last so many years (Afzl Guru).
    At this point instead of blaming on each other If we correct the basic of our Organisation instead of the Organisation it will be worth an I Card because after all we are the people who make it and suffer it.

  5. Some scientific studies suggest that a loving relationship, physical touch and sex can bring health benefits such as lower blood pressure.

  6. Waco-born Naud Hadler is thoroughly addicted to Pakistani Karaoke, mma, belly dancing. Also, he loves checking out an Columbus blue jackets icehockey-game IRL….

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