Thank You Mr. President General

March 30, 2007

President General of Pakistan, Mr. General Parvez Musharraf did a wonderful thing in public gathering a couple of days ago.

He clarified that not a single out  of 150+ missing person is in possession of any security agency. He further said that Extreme Islamic Jihadi Organizations might have picked these persons by force for brain washing etc.

blo_wusat_missing_demo203.jpgAlmost 150+ people throughout Pakistan are missing for many months and even for years – this case is under hearing of Supreme Court of Pakistan.

That’s a positive, good & excellent gesture of the General atleast he elucidated the matter otherwise the woman who went up on the stage by breaking all security means was hoping that his relative is in custody of security agencies.

I hope this clarification would have provided peace of mind to that woman.

About 2 years ago, Gohram Saleh, one of the missing vanished from Tilhar mountains. He was suspected to be an activist of Baluchistan Liberation Army(BLA  is an organization fighting for Baluchistan’s Independence from Pakistan). Since then, his mother & sisters are observing hunger strike outside Karachi Press Club – They also had the same misunderstanding that Gohram was picked by Inter Services Intelligence (ISI – Pakistan Army’s Intelligence Agency).

A writer from Baluchistan Dr. Hanif Sharif was missing for about 13 months. Those who picked him dropped him in Turbat. Since his freedom he is hesitant to say anything about the ‘Extremist Organization’ which picked him.

Mubarak Qazi stayed in Turbat Jail for 10 months. It is now believed (after General’s clarification) that he was put in lock-up for his own safety, for his safety from such ‘Extreme Islamic groups’. He was taken into custody for his own good, otherwise such groups might have trained, brainwashed and sent him for ‘Jihad’ to Iraq, Kashmir, Chechnya or Afghanistan.

Thank you Mr. President – Thanks indeed. 

What a Country – What a Persident – What a Clarification!

English Translation of : Wusat’s Blog on BBC’s Urdu Service


Suicide attack on Pakistan Army

March 29, 2007

Kharian – Army Training Center in one of the largest cantonment of Pakistan has been attacked by suicide bomber around 1400 local times (0900 GMT).

As per latest news thru The Jang & BBC – atleast 1 soldier alongwith attacker has died on the spot while 7+ are injured.

As per information available the suicide bomber was an old man.

Monsters & Critics Reports

At least one soldier was killed and seven others injured Thursday in a suicide attack on a training ground in the garrison town of Kharian, about 150 kilometres south-east of Islamabad, news reports said.

The identity of the dead bomber was not immediately known, according to local television reports citing official sources.

The attack was similar to one in November in which a suicide bomber killed 42 army recruits on a training ground in Dargai, north-western Pakistan.

That attack was linked to al-Qaeda sympathisers and was in retaliation for a Pakistan airstrike that killed 82 at an Islamic school compound near the border with Afghanistan 

International Herald Tribune Reports

A suicide attacker, possibly an elderly man, blew himself up at a military training ground in eastern Pakistan on Thursday, killing one soldier and wounding at least six more, officials said.

The bomber detonated explosives at a training ground near Kharian, 130 kilometers (80 miles) southeast of the capital, Islamabad, a military official said.

Interior Minister Aftab Khan Sherpao said one soldier was killed and six others wounded. The military official said seven were wounded.

The bomber, who also died, appeared to be an elderly man, the official said, asking for anonymity in accordance with military policy.

He said soldiers at the Guliana training ground, about 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) from Kharian, were learning driving skills when the bomber approached on foot and detonated himself.

Talibanization of Pakistan?

March 29, 2007

A few weeks or days ago Mohtarrma Benazir Bhutto said in an interview that Talibanziation (‘spreading of Talibans/radical – extreme islamists’) is feared in Pakistan; at that time almost everyone including myself didn’t seem to agree with BB.

Recent events of last week and so have shown what BB had forecasted earlier. It includes

  • Stopping (issuing & distributing warning letters) barbers from making shaves in the areas adjacent to tribal areas of Northern & North-Western Pakistan.

“The government is unable to protect us so we will abide by what the Taliban tells us to do and stop shaving beards,” said Niamat, a barber in Khar, the headquarters of the Bajaur tribal agency along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

And the Taliban mean business, On a night, bombs destroyed two barber shops and three others suffered partial damage after the owners refused to follow the orders.

I am a Muslim and I know that no one can force me to shave or not to shave. This should be my decision,” said Nasir, a regular customer, wearing a green turtleneck sweater and jeans. “But I was threatened. They asked if I will obey the new laws; I will obey because I am afraid.

A couple of weeks earlier, in the middle of the night, someone slipped leaflets under barbershop doors throughout the Bajaur Tribal Agency. The warning was hand-written in Pashto, the language of the Pashtun tribes who inhabit the border regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan.


The customers panicked and the barbers panicked too. In almost every barber shop the owners put up signs begging their customers not to force them to give a shave.

A shave costs less than 2 cents — but the Taliban edict forbidding barbers to shave or even trim beards will cause severe economic hardship, and put many of the 200 barbers in Bajaur out of business.

“Barbers are poor people, they have no other business,” said Ikram, another regular customer. “If they can’t give shaves, they will not be able to feed their children.”

A group of barbers told NBC News that their business had declined by 70 percent since the Taliban issued the edict.

  • Some video & music shops have also received such warnings in Mardan & Peshawar
  • Tank (prounounced as Taank) – an area very near to the Waziristan Agency (one of the tribal administrated area of Pakistan) has seen one of the bloodiest nights of its history.
    • Some schools were attacked by militants; students and teachers were made hostage
    • Militants forcefully took students with them to train them regarding
      • Fighting against NATO forces in Afghanistan
      • Suicide bombings
    • A night ago, they came to the Tank, looted state run banks and shops and went back to the tribal areas
    • They have also attacked Police stations, Frontier Constebllary & even Army Posts

Now the army, FC & police has imposed curfew in Tank and they have set up their positions in the area.

Ok, this is in the tribal areas; so what? Let’s come to Islamabad – the capital of Pakistan.

Lal Masjid (Red Mosque) is situated Near Aab Para Market in Sector G-6/I (not very much sure – its been 4-5 years since I lived there in Islamabad).

This market is almost in centre of the city. Blue area is no more than half a kilometer from Aab Para.

Inter Services Intelligence Agency (ISI)’s office is neither that far. Pakistan Printing Press, CDA and several other offices & building are at an arm’s distance from the market. A 4 star (Holiday Inn) Hotel is situated right next to Lal Masjid. Serena (5 star hotel) is very next to Aab Para.

Diplomatic Enclave (where almost all embassies are) is roughly 1 km from aab para. Parliament house shouldn’t be more than 2 to 3 km from this place. Other offices including ILO, World Bank, State Bank of Pakistan, NADRA, Radio Pakistan, JICA, Supreme Court of Pakistan is between 1 to 2 km from this place.

Last day, some female students of the mosque having bamboo stickes in their hands, went to a nearby government employee’s colony, attacked a house and kidnapped a woman, her daughter and her daughter’s daughter (who is roughly 6 months old) and put them in the mosque on the charges that they are into the “sinny business” (adultery/fornication)

فائل فوٹو

Around 1130 am, some police vehicles were passing by the market & these students alongwith their ‘brothers’ (male students of the mosque) attacked the vehicles with the sticks and captured some policemen alongwith their vehicle. Police in return also captured a couple of teachers of the same mosque.

A few days ago these students went to the market and distributed literature to the music & video shop owners that they should stop this business at once or they should be ready for the consequences.

A month earlier, these students also captured a library of kids.

Then, it was aired on the loud speakers of the mosque that if police didn’t free the teachers then ‘Jihad’ (the holy war – fighting in the name of God/Allah in Islam) would be waged on the government.

The Mosque has also established an illegal Frequency Modulation (FM) Radio Station. To establish a Radio station one requires permissions from the authorities.

After striking a deal with the students & teachers of the mosque – Government has been able to rescue their policemen but the woman, her daughter and her grand-daughter is still in hold of the students.

whats going on?

Can’t government handle this matter? When a Chief Justice can be sacked by the man in uniform – when a CJ can be mishandled by the police, when a media office can be attacked by civil servants of the society – why can’t they handle this issue?

Is there something going on?

Do such elements have support from people high ups?

Are there people in the Army or agencies who have soft corners for these people?

I don’t know – but its now sure that there is something seriously wrong!

Stray Reflections

March 28, 2007

Excerpts taken from Allama Iqbal (RA)’s personal diary published as ‘Stray Reflections’

  • The weak lose themselves in God, the strong discover Him in themselves.
  • For centuries Eastern heart & intellect have been absorbed in the question – Does God exist? I propose to raise a new question – new, that is to say, for the East – Does man exist?
  • Individuals and nations die; but their children i.e. ideas never die.
  • The memory of a man is generally bad except for the offences he receives from his fellow-men.
  • Self-Control in individuals build families; in communities, it builds empires.
  • A mathematician cannot but a poet can enclose infinity in a line.
  • If you wish to become a public leader you ought to know how to flirt with the Dame public. Entertain her with platitudes and, if necessary, with lies.
  • “Think of the Devil and he is sure to appear.” This is equally true of God

The first million dollar laptop

March 28, 2007

Million dollar laptopMarch 23, 2007 UK-based bespoke luxury goods creator Luvaglio has created the first million dollar laptop. That’s what the first of their luxury laptops will sell for.

Full details of the laptop have not been released at this point, but it is known that it incorporates a 17″ widescreen LED lit screen with a specially designed anti-reflective glare coating for clear and brighter image, 128GB of Solid State Disk space and a slot loading Blue-Ray drive. There is an integrated screen cleaning device and a very rare coloured diamond piece of jewellery that doubles up as the power button when placed into the laptop and also acts as security identification. Images here, video here.

Luvaglio CEO Rohan Sinclair Luvaglio told Gizmag earlier today: “Unlike many of the highly priced products being released, we took our time to develop something out of the ordinary with real attention to detail. “

“I didn’t want us to simply re-house a laptop into a diamond studded casing, or diamond encrust the entire thing simply to make it expensive. We’ve put thought in from the keyboard down to the power charger. There is an integrated screen cleaning device and a very rare coloured diamond piece of jewellery that doubles up as the power button when placed into the laptop and also acts as security identification. We have used diamonds elsewhere but have given them purpose.”

According to Luvaglio, “the brand is committed to re-defining luxury in a few sectors, technology being one of them.

“Many claim to produce luxury goods but we believe that the true element of luxury is having something that says “YOU”, that money can’t buy.

“At present and from our previous luxury work, our initial clients will be chosen from this selection as we have already established trust.

“The range to be released shortly would allow the owner to become the creator and visit our showroom at two or three well known upmarket stores we are in discussion with, whereby our selection of materials, finishes and accessories will be available to view and a choice selected.

“The choice will be based on our selection but of course other colours and finishes can be done on request. We have access to diamonds that are simply rare and near impossible to get hold of, so are able to offer a very embodied choice.

“The presentation boxes are of course supplied and finished in the choice that is selected by the client. Exact figures I am unable to provide at present due to negotiations but will certainly be more obtainable then our master piece.”

The first such masterpiece will sell for more than US$1,000,000.

My Source: The first million dollar laptop

Your Personality?

March 27, 2007

I had nothing to do today in officer, as usual (as it happens in most of the mergers)- either bandwidth is choked or there is something seriously wrong with internet speed today. Just took a cup of tea, waiting for another in half hour; smoked a couple of cigarettes; while surfing through a blog – came across a personality test – clicked the link and found out a lots of interesting, cool, weird & boring at times personality tests. Lets see how have I scored :S

What type of personality I am?

It says, my personality type is very Rare (ENTJ) – don’t know what the heck ENTJ is – thought that I might be good pick for WWF 😀

It says that I am energetic, romantic, optimistic, and brave.

Only about 4% of all people have this personality, including 3% of all women and 5% of all men.

I am Extroverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Judging.

Click to find out what personality type you are?

 What color my Brain is?

Color of brain? I don’t know coginitive psychology much – just studied a couple of books myself & a chapter or two during my graduation time in Artificial Intelligence course bahh.. Hence am unable to figure out that what does it actually mean?

Lets see what does it say in details.

Of all the brain types, my brain is the most idealistic. I tend to think wild, amazing thoughts. My dreams and fantasies are intense. My thoughts are creative, inventive, and without boundaries. I tend to spend a lot of time thinking of fictional people and places – or a very different life for myself.

What Color Is Your Brain?

What happened in the year when I was born?


I was born in 1978.

  • Jimmy Carter is president of the US – What’s my fault?
  • US Senate votes to turn over the Panama Canal to Panama on December 31, 1999
  • Israel and Egypt reach a peace settlement at the Camp David Accords – have they really reached to a peace accord yet?
  • The US and mainland China announce that they will restore full diplomatic relations – Courtesy Bhutto?
  • Members of Jim Jones’ People’s Temple commit mass suicide in Guyana – bla bla bla…
  • Pope John Paul II becomes the first non-Italian pope in centuries – Hay Pope, you should have said thanks to me!!.. – now you are gone.. so sorry
  • Ted Bundy is captured in Florida – bla bla bla
  • The first computer bulletin board system is created – oh really?? BB users should be thankful to me.. really!
  • Garfield debuts in newspapers – O Yeah!
  • Saturday Night Fever and Grease are the top grossing films – I haven’t seen ’em
  • “Night Fever” by the Bee Gees spends the most time at the top of the US charts

 What happened in the year when you were born?

What is my element? Air

my element is Air – I hope its not AIR (all india radio – akashvaani :D)

I dislike conflict, and you’ve been able to rise above the angst of the world.
And when things don’t go my way, I know they’ll blow over quickly.

Easygoing, I tend to find joy from the simple things in life. I roll with the punches, and as a result, my life is light and cheerful. I find it easy to adapt to most situations, and I am an open person. With me, what I see is what I get… and people love that!

What is your element?

It says I should never date an Aquarius  ND Aquarious

Freaky, unconventional, and downright strange – it’s likely that any Aquarius will weird me out, and if I do happen to fall for an Aquarius, I’ll probably find them too emotionally distant to connect with.

Instead I should try dating: Cancer, Pisces, Capricorn, or Virgo
What Sign Shouldn’t You Date?

There are some tests meant only for girls – Click here & Check’em out as well.

Sifting facts from fictions

March 26, 2007

By Ansar Abbasi

ISLAMABAD: Every brick of President General Pervez Musharraf’s palatial Pindi office vividly reminisces about what the chief justice of Pakistan had been confronted with on March 9, adding a new chapter to our chequered history.

The pleasant outside environment did not match the tense moments behind the closed doors of Musharraf’s camp office. What had transpired within the thick walls has now started unraveling.

Even a passer-by or a motorist driving through the Park Road, which graces the camp office, could now hear the reverberations of the dialogue between the two giants in their own spheres. One may give a fictional account of the dialogue between the two. While the prime minister sat through the session with muted silence but always nodding when Musharraf was speaking, the president was reading out a charge sheet while the chief justice was just scoffing at every charge.

Though the reference filed against Justice Chaudhry is still not public, the camp office reverberations are too clear about the charges framed. One can clearly hear the

— Interesting part starts here —

President saying to the Chief Justice: You have used your influence to pressurise the concerned authorities to win undue favours for your son — Dr Arsalan Iftikhar.

The CJ says: Be specific Mr president.

President says: Dr Arsalan sought admission in Bolan Medical College despite securing marks far below the merit. The Balochistan chief minister was approached following which your son got into the medical college.

The CJ says: Sir who is the violator — me, Dr Arsalan or the chief minister?

President says: Dr Arsalan was initially posted as section officer in the Health Department, Balochistan against a vacancy meant for initial recruitment through the Provincial Public Service Commission. On August 6, 2005 the Interior Ministry approached the Balochistan Government seeking the services of Dr Arsalan for his posting in the FIA in public interest. On August 13, 2005, the Balochistan Government conveyed its no-objection to the Interior Ministry following which the Ministry on August 15th and again on September 5, 2005 issued the posting order of Dr Arsalan in the FIA on deputation. On 30th September Dr Arsalan joined the FIA.

The CJ says: What is the point you want to make Mr president?

President says: Without completing the mandatory period of his probation as medical officer in the Institute of Public Health, Quetta, Arsalan was transferred and posted first as section officer in the Balochistan Secretariat against a non-existing post and then sent on deputation in the FIA.

The CJ says: Who violated the law and where do I figure Sir?

The President says: In November 2005, the Balochistan Government relaxed the rules to confirm the appointment of your son as medical officer in the Provincial Health Department. Barely within 5 months of having assumed the charge of assistant director FIA in BS-17, the Balochistan Government issued an order on March 22, 2006 saying that Arsalan’s services are placed in the FIA as deputy director (BS-18) on deputation for a period of three years. On April 7, it was notified that he had assumed the charge of the office of DD FIA.

The CJ says: Who violated the law and where do I figure Sir?

The president says: Later you launched an offensive to get your son inducted into the Police Service of Pakistan, which under the law was only possible through the CSS. As first step, he was sent to the Police Academy for training with probationer ASPs as notified by the Interior Ministry on May 19, 2006. On 24th May the Interior Ministry issued another order directing the commandant National Policy Academy that Dr Arsalan should be attached with the Punjab Police after the completion of specialized police training in the academy. On May 24 2006, the Academy relieved Arsalan and directed him to report to the Elite Police Training School, Lahore. After the completion of the course, he was to report to Lahore police for six months field attachment.

The CJ says: Mr president who is the violator?

The president says: Meanwhile the Prime Minister’s Secretariat was approached for regular induction of Dr Arsalan in the Police Service of Pakistan in BS-18. The PM sought the Establishment Division (ED)’s view, which said it is not possible under the law. Later you pressurized the secretary Establishment to get Dr Arsalan inducted into the PSP no matter what the rules say.

The CJ says: Sir, who told you this?

The president says: The secretary Establishment told all this to the principal secretary of the prime minister. It was not possible but still you kept on pressing for the impossible task. Ultimately the Establishment Division had to propose an amendment in the rules to make this impossible a possible. During these days you have been regularly exerting pressure on the Prime Minister’s Secretariat.

The CJ says: Sir do you have any concrete evidence? Secondly, if my son was inducted into the Police Service of Pakistan?

The president says: You also exerted pressure on the Interior Ministry to ensure that your son is nominated for a foreign course on combating international terrorism. This was done despite the fact that your son was not a police officer.

The CJ says: Sir who was the nominating authority?

The president says: Being the CJ, you are entitled to one 1600cc car but you have seven including a Mercedez Benz 3000cc in Islamabad. You also have several cars at Lahore and Quetta. Additionally you have also, more than once, asked the provincial chief minister or governor to provide you the cars during your stay in the province.

The CJ says: Sir if I am an exception?

The president says: You have also been insisting and getting protocol that is not allowed to the CJ.

The CJ says: Hummmm…

The president says: You have been repeatedly demanding for official plane/helicopter of the provincial governments for your travelling from one place to the other and even to offer condolences whereas you are not allowed to use these luxuries.

The CJ says: At times one requires faster transport means to save time.

The president says: For sometime you and your family has been using a BMW car registration No “Razia-1”.

The CJ says: If so, is it a crime Sir?

The president says: You are also accused of passing orders but subsequently changing them when giving the same in writing.

The CJ says: Who says so Sir? I hope it is Naeem Bukhari.

The president says: You also used you influence to enhance the entitlements of your office.

The CJ says: Where was I wrong?

The president says: Face the above charges or?

The CJ says: I will.

Courtesy : The News International