Review & Download Abrar’s Latest Album – Nara Sada Ishq Aye

abrar-ul-haq.jpgAfter a couple of years – Abrar ul Haq – the real king of Punjabi Bhangra has rocked the market with his new album – Nara Sada Ishq Aye– very well marketed by Geo Network & Telenor.  Both CD & Cassette contains a telenor voucher worth PKR 50. I have expressed my personal views of tracks – you may differ – If you agree or differ, please do leave comments. You can also download the tracks in MP3 format from the links provided at the end of every track’s review.

Album is available both in Cassettes & CDs. Album contains 10 songs

  1. Rano
  2. Parmeen (Parveen)
  3. Jatt
  4. Nara Sada Ishq Aye
  5. Saanson Mein
  6. Patlo Jai
  7. Run Baabay Dee
  8. Mela
  9. Maan
  10. Alif Allah

Lets review the songs one by one – for the first time Abrar has used the western rap style in his album.

1. Rano – Rano Iko Gall Kehni Aey – Judai Naiyo Sehni Aye

Soft and  medium track –  music is soothing to ears, when you play to the song – it seems that you have listened it somewhere – this is due to the folk punjabi touch which is typical to Abrar – a rare commodity now a days. It’ll remind you the song Sachiyaa`n Tay Kooriyaan – Gallan Kariyay Gooriyaan or Nee Kuriyay Badaami Rangiyay… Song gets 7 out of 10 in my ratings.

Download – Rano

2. Parmeen – Ni Parveen – Bari Namkeen

Abrar in totally new style of lyrics – a bhangra number – start of the number is totally different from what song actually contains – combination of both western & eastern style – I am sensing that this number will get a ban by court – as it contains name Parveen – though on the album its spelled as Parmeen – That is just to avoid such controversy – song gets 7.5 out of 10.

Downloadn MP3 – Parmeen

3. Jatt – No IF & No BUT – Only Jatt

Download Jatt

So far – the best song ever produced by Abrar
Song is a successor to Abrar’s hottest video Jatt Charhya Katchehry Ballay Vai Ballay 

lets go through the lyrics first

Ho Baazi Kissay V Medaan Cheh Na Haari Jatt Nay
Ajj Chak Lai Aye Morr Kay Do Naali Jatt Nay
Saaray Nass Gaey Shareek Pind Chadh Kay,
Maar Esi Maari Jatt Nay…..
Jiddo`n Hoya Na Koi Judge Kolo`n Faisla,
Katchehri Aapay Laa Lai Jatt Nay…

Jatt Nu Loko`n Light Nai Lena,
Sabb Tau Wadda Aqal Hay Gehna,
Lorr Paway Tay Fait (fight) Vee Karda Aey,
Internet Tay Chat Vee Karda Aey,
Pagg Ban Lai Kullay Tay Chittay Rang Dee,
Kameez Kali Paa Laee Jatt Nay….
Jiddo`n Hoya Na Koi Judge Kolo`n Faisla,
Katchehri Aapay Laa Lai Jatt Nay…

Shehar Dee Corruption Jatt Nay Mukaani Aey,
Putt Sutthni Aey Paawai`n Kinni Vee Purani Aey,
Qabzay Qubzay Rehn Nai Dainay,
Jaggay Tax Vee Lain Nai Dainay,
Muchh Chak Maari Jai Naalay,
Modhay Utt Rakh Lai Do-Naali Jatt Nay,
Jiddo`n Hoya Na Koi Judge Kolo`n Faisla,
Katchehri Aapay Laa Lai Jatt Nay…

Yaar Dee Khaatir Larr Marr Jaana,
Jatt Da Hay Style Puraana,
Paawain Sooli Charhna Pay Jaey,
Keeta Qoll Qaraar Nibhaana,
Saari Parryaan Cheh Gall Jaddo`n Keeti Aye,
Tay Keeti Aye Karrari Jatt Nay…
Jiddo`n Hoya Na Koi Judge Kolo`n Faisla,
Katchehri Aapay Laa Lai Jatt Nay…

This is such a attaracting number that I bought this album last night & since then I have listened to this number for countless time – Abrar being a Jatt has truly portrayed a true and typical proud Jatt. Song gets 10 out of 10.

Download Jatt

4. Nara Sada Ishq Aye

Title song of the album is not upto that par for which we got used to for so many years and for so many albums from Abrar – Even though the song lacks a bit, still its a great number. Some part of the song seems to have copied Abrar’s own ‘Aa Ja Nee Beh Cycle Tay’ – specially when he says ‘Kar Day Nee Paper Sign Kurray’…. Song gets 7.5 out of 10.

Download Nara Sada Ishq Aye

5. Saanson Mein Baj Rahi Hay Pall Pall – Teri Dhun Sanam…

When number starts – it seems that you are going to listen to Fanaa’s song ‘Subhaan Allah’ – but after a couple of seconds you change your mind. Like in every album, Abrar produced so far, he has added one such number, which is soft, romantic, medium, night time number, this is one of those like December, Sohny Soorat, Agar Kabhi or to some extent Dilbar falls in the same category. Song is a bit shorter than what one expects from it. I’ll give it 7 out of 10.

Download – Saanson Mein

6. Patlo Jai

Typical to Abrar – mixing old, rare punjabi similes & metaphors with modern, western & english style. I’ll simply call it exuberant – It really projects our heritage to the outer world or to the world who doesn’t understand real punjabi. Song is a definite listen to. I’ll give it atleast 8.5 9 out of 10.

Download – Patlo Jai

7. Run Baabay Dee

The composition which I guess has let me down – is this one. This is a folk song, sung previously by many singers. Its a punjabi Boli. Like Abrar’s own song Boliyaa`n.. But he certainly could have improved its composition. Seems that this number has been added in a haste. Lack in composition has been covered by Abrar’s vocals. I’ll given it certainly 7 out of 10 atleast – just due to Abrar’s brilliant use of his voice & accent.

Download – Run Baabay Dee

8. Mela

May be its a new number for many people of my age – This is an oldie song, if I am not wrong, it was previously sung by Inayat Hussain Bhatti :S Correct me if I am mistaken. Its a folk, mystical song – very well sung. It gets 8.5 out of 10.

Download Mela

9. Maan

Slow track, honestly I haven’t listened to it completely, but certainly it has something which attracts those who love their mothers. I’ll blindly give it 8 out of 10.

Download – Maan

10. Alif Allah

Abrar has let his fan down – Didn’t mix any of his own lyrics with verses of Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) – a famous saint of Qadri, Qalandri Silsila. I won’t give more than 5 to this number.

Download – Alif Allah

Overall, album is worth buying, worth listening, release timings are bit late. Had this number been released at Basant – It would have been played on almost every rooftop of Lahore. CD & Cassette packs lacks Lyrics List. So the new listeners, they have to play, pause, play many a times to actually understand the lyrics.

Please do leave your comments – If you like or dislike – agree or not.

Thanks to for providing MP3s.


46 Responses to Review & Download Abrar’s Latest Album – Nara Sada Ishq Aye

  1. mastmalang says:

    Thanks for uploading the album.

    Abrar has so much potential but he hasn’t lived up to it in this album. Although the album is good, its not his best. The album has a layed back sort of feel to it, which is good if you are into that sorta stuff. It isn’t as energetic as his previous albums. I think Rano is the best track on here. Its slow but its a sweet song…good lyrics and his voice makes it all the more sweeter. Parmeen could have been good but the english raag at the beginning is a total turn off. In fact I laughed out loud when I heard it. That sorta stuff may work in Pakistan but not anywhere else. The use of his accent is excellent though.

    Overall its an ok album. But I am still waiting for the day where he memorizes us with his voice with every track. Like I said before, his voice has so much potential but he’s just not living up to it.

    My two cents…

  2. darvesh says:

    Thanks bro – I can’t agree more on his talent – He certainly has the skills, knowledge & talent – certainly this album is not par with his potential – as I mentioned in his last track Alif Allah – he has certainly missed over here – it would have been much better if he had not added this song. songs are of short duration.

  3. Danger says:

    Thats really a good collection. Abrar has continuously maintaining its quality of producing good songs. A good mixture of versatility. Thank for the upload.

  4. darvesh says:

    Thanks Danger – you are from 99-II?

  5. Azim says:

    awesome album…my all the tme favorite singer…. just lovely songs.

  6. Mana says:

    hmmm…… i alsoo dont like the album…. the lyrik r cool, but the music is tooooo slow… itz not bhangraaaaaaa…. bhangra must habe fast music…. that u can dance on it….. i cant imagine to dance on these song… the previous albums were much better…. the title song is the only that i liked a lil bit………..but the beat is missing…..

  7. Sheenah says:


  8. Thanx for sharing his songs. Abrar has a different style from all other singers. His Lyrics are always excellent.

  9. Rohit Dhawan says:

    I am probably Abrar’s biggest Indian fan. I also feel that even though the album is good, Abrar has not lived up to the expectations of his fans. The songs could and should have been much better.

  10. Zubair Khan says:

    Excellent Album Specially song “Saansoon main” really go deep into the heart. It is fantastic composition

  11. sohnii says:

    My favorite track from this album is Saanso mein –
    although the album is a dissapointed comparing to his earlier album, but it is good enough to buy 🙂

  12. darvesh says:

    @ everyone

    Thanks for the comments 🙂

    Its a combined consensus that this album lacks something ….

  13. Hsn says:

    Excellent Albummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Abrar RockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz

  14. sabah says:

    Saw a concert of his recently here in Kuwait and this guy is a through and through enterainer. I don’t get most of what he says but its impossible to miss the bhangra vibe!

    Details here:

  15. darvesh says:

    @ hsn – I slightly disagree with you regarding the album in focus 🙂

    @ sabah – yeah, that’s true – he is perhaps the only entertainer left in pop music of Pakistan after Junoon’s breakdown.

  16. Sohaib says:

    Downloading it right now. Now sadly my listening will be biased because I’ve read your reviews :p

    Thanks for taking time out to appreciate Abrar, by the way. Not many do that!

    I disagree with your comments on Nara Sada Ishq Aey though. I think the quality of the song lies in the constant political commentary and satire of bureaucracy and all that jazz. Quite enjoyable if you look at it from that angle.

  17. darvesh says:

    yeah – that socio-political side is one aspect of the song. the other one is about taxing everything, anything that can be thought about courtesy our citibank imported pm (paraya minister) mr. short-cut aziz. i love that guy who calls condalezza rice as anaconda rice 😀 😀 😀

    another interesting aspect..

    think of the song – think that mush is singing it and asking bb to come & join his party 😀 let’s deal :p

    how about it?

    all the income will go to that swiss courts and lawyers 😛 – come and join us 😀

  18. khizar (comsats wah) says:

    Excelent albummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm::

    my favourit songs in this album ar

    Theeeeeee Best MAAAAAAN
    why…..because i love my Mother verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry much.
    mmmmm and ALIF ALLAH,

  19. Amin jat(comsats wah) says:

    my favourat track in this album is











  21. usman says:

    o lakka the tool theek dy

  22. kashif and sheeraz (MBA-1ciit wah) says:

    NICE ALBUM ******”””’


    ALIF ALLAH “”””*

    ”*** NOTHING ELSE***’***

  23. zoha says:

    salam to all””**

    song”””*maaan ny mujhay bahut rullaya.


  24. Husnain,Hamayun (Pindi Gheb) says:

    *********salam””””””2;;;”’ all

    nice rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkzzzzzzzzzzz

    i apriciade this that giving the opertunity of direct downloadin with midia player.

    all tracks
    are nice

  25. shakeel(BCE -2A CIIT WAH ) says:



  26. JUNAID says:


  27. miki says:

    i realllllly lyk de singer Abrar-ul-haq!!!!!!!@#$% U rthe best singer and entertiner.

    da best sings that i like are
    jat,maan and patlo

    however i agree with junaid, that the song parmeen (parven) is shameful for ladies/girls.

    i really appreciate the opportunity of direct downloadin’ media player.

    I hv a question 4 abrar?????? da way hooooooooooo is PARMEEN???? huh*************

  28. chilli says:


    i luv the singer abrar 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    he is da best entertainer and singer. (2in1 yaaar)

    i luved all the songs!!!!!!

    i agree with junaid!!! that the song parmeen is shameful for ladies/girls!!!!

    buti still lyked da song.

    neway i lyk da opportunity 4 direct downloadin’ media player!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):)

    i hv a question 4 ABRAR!!!

    hoooo is dis pArMeEn!!!!!

    patye naaaaa

    baki sab theeeeek hai


  29. faheem says:

    Nice album, but IMHO he should not use direct names of females or a easily applicable indirection. It creates chaos but to Abrar it might also be a matter of getting more familiarity.

  30. imran abbas malik says:

    thank you bhai ibrar bahut maza aya hai gaet yeh sun ke bahut maza aya hai main apko salam karta hon is geet gane pe yani is fun ka muzahira kare pe

  31. SaBz says:

    O KidHaAaaa Abrarr Ur Album is a HITTTT AND A HALF!! per mai kehreya see tenu punjabi lafaz istimaal karnay chaye hai for example
    in ur song jatt……..Internet te chat vi kada…u shud use punjabi words if u get me…=)
    and in ur song…Naara Sada Ishq Aye….Karday au paper sign karay…….Abrar u cud have sed Karday mere naal viyahhh oh karday safay naal viyah sumthing lyk that:) BUT OVER ALLL GREAT ALBUMMM

  32. SAMIA says:


  33. Nadeem says:

    This is an absolutely fantastic album. Abrar provides his listeners with a wide variety of melodies, sounds and styles and does them all so well. Many people don’t appreciate “Alif Allah” but i think it’s the best track on the album. It’s so soothing to listen to but has a beat that keeps you hooked. I think the author of this blog has made it a bit obvious he’s Jatt! LOL! That’s ok, I appreciate it because i’m Jatt also. It is so difficult now a days to find an album on which every track is good, but Abrar delivers. Overall, fantastic album, every track is done very well and it’s definitely one i can put on and listen to over and over again!!!

  34. Zahoor says:

    what a great album Ibrar bahi keep it up

  35. pupkarik says:

    xdvdsfvd fdgsd
    fdsaiuwa dfgdsgfs

  36. Lima says:

    I dont listen to Abrar as my taste of music differs from what he produces but i happened to listen sansoo mein and i asked someone who sung this song, reoky was Abrar ul Haq, to my shock, i was stunned as requested to play the song again, i couldnt believe and expect a serious romantic and touchy song from a bhangra singer, he is good but he sung this song so beautifully, justfies him as a complete singer who could sing other then bhangra numbers so well, this song has touched me so deep, sonice, thanks Abrar keep it up!

  37. Abrar-ul-haq is my favorite pakistani singer. I’m a very big fan of Abrar-ul-haq. He is the king of bangara. He has unique music and voice in all of his albums

  38. shanam says:

    awesom albumb
    best albumb ,
    best songs rano , ne parveen..

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