Islamabad – The Battlefield

Blue Area, Constitution Avenue – the heart of Islamabad has now become the battlefield between protestors and governmental security agencies, including police, rangers and others.

Police is using heavy rubber bullets – tear gas is being used abundantly. All the 10 roads connecting to Islambad have been seized – People, protestors, lawyers , none of them are allowed to enter the country’s capital.

Qazi Hussain Ahmed, Hafiz Hussain Ahmed have been arrested from constitution avenue. In Lahore, ex-President Rafiq Tarar have been put under home arrest – PPP’s leader Qasim Zia is under house arrest since 7 am.

Dr. Khalid Ranjha, ex law minister is now representing the government in Supreme Judicial Council – Its notable that many of government’s ally lawyers have refused – these includes Sharif ud Din Peerzada, SM Zafar, Wasim Sajjad, Khalid Anwar.

Wasi Zafar – the current law minister is going to be axed soon, sources from Islamabad have told.

Another historic development, Justice Sabeeh ud Din, Chief Justice Sindh High Court has reportedly refused to be the part of Supreme Judicial Council.

Islamabad is under heavy clouds of uncertainty – anything can happen anytime including take over by Gen. Ahsan.

Meanwhile, Supreme Judicial Council has started its hearing of the objections submitted by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary on its previous hearing which took place on 13th March 2007.

Almost 1000+ have been arrested so far – chain of arresting anyone who is doubted to be against Government continues.

Hospitals, ambulances and other related departments have been asked to get ready for any sort of emergency situation.


3 Responses to Islamabad – The Battlefield

  1. Ali says:

    This is the some of the werst thing that can happan to Pakistan. Now we no for sure that Musharraf have gon crazy. I really hope someone take the controll. If not 1971 can repeet again.

  2. Aman Ullah says:

    Mushraf, Durrani, Wasi Zafar, Shaukat Aziz and Police top guns should be hanged infront of public for all the bullshit they are giving to pakistan.

  3. darvesh says:

    There are limits of everything except the negatives e.g. darkness, heat – as cold can not be measured or achieved beyon 0 kelvin or absolut point – but heat can be measured to inifite – there can be light, ultralight,dim light – but where there is no light that is darkness – and darkness can not be ‘limited’ – its dark and thats about it!,

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