Inspector who led attack on GEO TV is missing

President (Permanent-Resident)  of Pakistan Gen. (Retd.) Parvez Musharraf has announced today in GEO TV’s Program ‘Aaj Kamran Khan Kay Saath’ that the Inspector who led the assault on GEO TV, Daily Jang & Daily News’s office is reportedly missing.

What an excuse – We all know by now that this is a routine matter in history of Pakistan – As it had happened with the person who assasinated country’s first Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan.

We know that how the SHO who led police encounter on Mir Murtaza Bhutto was shot dead by the agencies,

We also know that how Umar Asghar Khan was assasinated by the agencies. So its not new for us that why Inspector is missing.

We also know that many hundered people are missing from the country – CJP was hearing this case.

We also know that how mysteriously Justice Bhagwan Das was missing. 

He further uttered that martial-law would not be imposed neither country would be put in state of Emergency (as if we are not under martial law).

He also expressed his dolour over sad demise of Pakistan’s Cricket Coach Bob Woolmer & also showed his grief on Pakistan’s early exit from ICC Cricket World Cup 2007..


3 Responses to Inspector who led attack on GEO TV is missing

  1. Mulla! says:

    Once in a live TV program the notorious Raja of Pindi Sheeda Talliy almaroof Sheikh Rasheed said, Pakistan mein is waqat siyasi movies mein jo bhi movie chal rahi hai us ka creator , producer or sab kuch karnay wala jo hai woh PM yani Parves Musharraf hai!

    Yeh sab jhoot hai keh, pata naheen ji kis ne kiya hai, Durrani moujood tha wahan or bahir se dekh raha tha sab kuch…magar himmat or jigara hai Geo Kanjar TV ka keh unhoon ne bhi agay se badmashi ki….

    Or mazay ki baat keh Geo ne foran Nawaz or Shabaz ko faryad ki or within minutes Pakistan or Musharraf ke dushmano ko TV par pesh kar diya.. Shabaz new york mein hai us ki wife pregnant hai we think…the second one…or Muhtarma se bhi milla hai kal raat…i heard not sure..


  2. alibhai says:

    People keep on going missing in this regime.

    Say what you may about our favorite shaikh saab but he has been providing entertainment to pindi waal for a long time. Read Sheikh Rasheed’s duaa shukrana at my blog.

  3. darvesh says:

    Inspector found 🙂

    Lets keep our fingers crossed and wait that what happens today – another chapter of history is in writing!

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