Let’s Migrate

First of all sorry for not blogging over the weekend – as some important developments took place in the country & abroad –

As over the weekend, shelling, rubber bulleting, stoning, beating with the bamboos & then retreat, all happened in Lahore, the Cultural Capital of Pakistan.

It all happened with those who are custodians of the law – the pillar of the society –

It all happened on the doors of an apex court of Pakistan.

It all happened thru the hands of those who are bound to obey the orders coming from the building which they set ablaze, stoned, filled with tear gas and even fired bullets – none other than the Building of High Court of Pakistan. They are the guardians of law. They are the law enforcers of Pakistan.

I am still expecting justice, sovereignty and the rule of law. I am expecting a miracle, I am expecting nightingales (ababeels) to come and stone the abrah of today alongwith his troops – as courts are Mecca of the lawyers. 

I am talking bullshit.

I am cursing myself.

Where a chief Judge of the country is being denied of Justice – he is put under home arrest – his family is not safe – he is manhanded and abused by a policeman – his jacket is torn…. should I expect justice for myself?

Where a Minister is shot dead by a fanatic publicly. Should I expect myself & my family to be safe?

When a media building is attacked by the servants of the society – should I expect my home to be secure?

When publically, a top notch journalist is hurled by naked abuse by the law minister – should I expect myself to be treated how one is treated in a civilised society?

When blogs are banned – when a TV program is banned to be aired. should I still be hopeful?

Should I still expect something?

I was offered an H1 Visa of US back in 2000 as soon as I graduated, I refused to go out of my country, my beloved country, my dear homeland, I didn’t want to leave the country who made me what I am today. I wanted to return something even a little. I wanted to serve my motherland. Soon my thoughts, my ideas were jolted, my self made idle of Proud Pakistani got cracked, when I was jobless for over 6 months soon after 9/11, but I wasn’t hopeless. 

NOW I AM HOPELESS – I don’t want to live in Pakistan – I don’t want to ruin my future.  Its enough now! I am looking for any immigration, asylum whatever. I want to quit Pakistan as early as possible!


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