LHC Judge + 5 Civil Judges Resigns

Lahore: Hitting the dictator hard has taken another peaceful turn. Lahore High Court’s judge, Justice Jawad Khawaja has resigned a few moments ago.

Announcement of Justice Khawaja was made public by Lahore High Court Bar’s President Ahsan Bhoon. Close relatives of Justice Khawaja have also manifested the news.  Justice Khawaja’s office was locked on Monday morning and none of his staff member was there.

In Karachi: Karachi High Court Bar’s President Iftikhar Javed Qazi has also informed the journalists and media that 4 session/civil judges have also resigned in protest, the news couldn’t be verified from government departments.

As per Mr. Qazi, those who resigned includes, Karachi East’s District Judge Allah Bachao Gabol, Malik Ahsan, Ashraf Yar Khan and Karachi Central’s District Judge Asad Shah Rashidi.

In Pannu Aqil, District Judge Rajesh Chander Rajput has also resigned.


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