Bribing the Media

In recent weeks we have seen a lot which should be and would be a definate part of history of Pakistan.

We have seen Chief Justice of Pakistan was sacked by an Army General, CJ was put in a home arrest, he & his family was manhandled and was deprived of not only justice but of very basic human rights.

We also witnessed how Islamabad’s Blue Area was made the battlefield.

We saw police setting ablaze Lahore High Court.

We’ve seen some men of honour resigning.

We also saw how media offices were attacked. We also came to know that how Government & Generals of Pakistan can control the media.

Media Policy of the Government has taken another shift, with that TV Channels & Newspapers are also saving their positions.

There are 3 leading NEWS channels of Pakistan GEO, ARY & Aaj TV. 

From very start, ARY Digital had already sidelined itself (almost completely) from the current scenario.

GEO was leading the coverage, telecasting live & its debates were full of matter; it was the lead critic of Government’s Policy, but now GEO is stepping back – there is visible shift in the policies, when it was covering things how they should have been covered, firstly its programs were banned, secondly its office was attacked.

NOW, we recently saw that all the sanctions were lifted from GEO, its programs are now allowed to be aired, ‘Aaj Kamran Khan Kay Saath’ which was the 1st to be banned by the Government; is now the very first to air General Musharraf’s interview; rather General’s position.General has been very defensive, he was not in his very idiosyncratic tone; he was defensive; anyone could judge it that he was being artificial, he wasn’t what we have seen him for last 7 years; he definately is under immense pressure; he wasn’t like this even when he retreated Pakistan’s shift of policies during 9/11. He didn’t show any sign of panic when Dr. A.Q. Khan’s issue was hot – but now he is changed – he is not the SSG commando anymore.

Coming back to the point, GEO has shifted its neutral policy to pro-government policy. It certainly has. Its papers are now bombarded with ads from Government departments – a tool which all the governments in the history of Pakistan have used to get the media on their terms.

This is the reason, that why didn’t GEO covered things live???

When LHC’s building was attacked, when police shelled the building & lawyers inside the building? Where was GEO TV when lawyers chambers on Lahore’s Turner road were looted by the Police? Where was GEO TV when lawyers were stonned? Lots of questions – but no answer but shift of policies under pressure or they got their palms greased? The ads which Jang group is getting is showing that they have been sopped – they have been bribed!! Certainly YES!

The only TV Channel that is being neutral is Aaj TV. They were the only one to cover Lahore on last Saturday – they covered almost everything – they were THE only ones who were being neutral.

Lets see for how long can they sustain the pressure!


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