Official Details of Reference against CJP

‘The Cat comes out of the bag’ – Details of reference filed against Chief Justice of Pakistan have finally come out – Thanks to the Source of BBC

 English Translation

Gen. Parvez Musharraf has filed the following reference against CJP which has been sent to the Supreme Judicial Council – Reference reports that CJP used his powers from getting his son admitted into Medical College and then getting him a job in Police Department.

BBC has acquired the long awaited file thru its sources. BBC maintains that the following text doesn’t contain views of CJP Justice Iftikhar Chudhary and are being published only in public interest.


Dr. Arslan’s Case

  1. CJP used his authority/powers to benefit his son Arslan Iftikhar thru unfair means.
  2. Dr. Arslan got admission in Bolan Medical College in 1996 when he was short by 111 marks from merit, he got admission due to that time’s Chief Minister of Baluchistan Province.
  3. 22 June, 2005, Dr. Arslan was appointed as medical officer in Institute of Public Health, Quetta
  4. On 18th July, 2005, Chief Minister ordered that in public interest it is advised to appoint Dr. Arslan as Section Officer (Technical) in Department of Health
  5. On 18th July, 2005, Chief Secretary Baluchistan issues the orders
  6. On 10th August, 2005 – Department of Health sends this matter to S&GAD Department(services & general administration duties)
  7. S&GAD sends a summary to Chief Minister that there is no such vacancy as SO in  technical quota. S&GAD advised to appoint Dr. Arslan as SO on temporary basis unless he qualifies the Public Service Examinations.
  8. On 15th August, 2005 – Dr. Arslan was appointed as Section Officer on temprary basis
  9. 9 days before Dr. Arslan was appointed as SO (on 6th August) Federal Interior Ministry requested Ministry of Health Baluchistan that Dr. Arslan’s services are required in FIA on Basic Pay Scale 17.
  10. 2 days before (on 13th August) Dr. Arslan’s services were rendered to FIA.
  11. Ministry of Interior appoints Dr. Arslan as Assistant Director (FIA) on 5th September 2005.
  12. Dr. Arslan was appointed as Section officer just after 4 months as medical officer, his probation of 6 months was not yet completed
  13. 22nd November, Dr. Arslan was made permanent
  14. After 5 months, Dr. Arslan was promoted to Grade 18
  15. All these things were done to get Dr. Arslan a job in Police Department – to get a job in Police Department it is essential to qualify Public Service Examination – these were the tries to avoid such exams
  16. 19 May 2006, Interior Ministry wrote a letter to National Police Academy to train Dr. Arslan (Assistant Director FIA) as an Assistant Superintendent Police (ASP)
  17. 24 May 2006, Interior Ministry wrote another letter that after completing special training, Dr. Arslan should be appointed in Lahore in Punjab Police.
  18. 27 June, 2006, National Police Academy renders services of Dr. Arslan to Punjab Police
  19. Meanwhile Prime Minister Secretariat was contacted to appoint Dr. Arslan as SP in BPS 18 on permanent basis
  20. PM Secritariat sought advise of different departments on the matter
  21. Establishment Divison informed that without ammending the rules its not possible to get Dr. Arslan promoted in BPS 18
  22. 31 May 2006, Secretary Establishment was asked to visit CJP’s residence, 11 PM in night, CJP asked Secretary Establishment to appoint Dr. Arslan in BPS 18
  23. CJP contacted Principle Secretary of PM on Green phone to acquire details of the mentioned case
  24. When PS to PM informed CJP that matter would be brought in notice of PM in writing – then CJP said this would cause a damage to the matter as its part of ‘package’
  25. Pressure exerted by CJP resulted in crafting a summary for appointing Dr. Arslan in BPS 18
  26. CJP pressurised the authorities to send Dr. Arslan in Global Terrorism Course in Istanbul, Turkey


  1. CJP is entitled to use a single car of 1600 CC, was using 7 cars including a Mercedes Benz (3000 CC)
  2. Apart from these cars, he maintained a large number of Supereme Court Lahore & Karachi officer’s cars
  3. CJP insisted more than 1 times that he would use the cars used by Governors or Chief Ministers


  1. CJP insisted several times that senior officers should come to welcome him on the airports
  2. At different incidences, CJP asked to use helicopter BUT he was not entitled to use helicopter
  3. For some time a car with number plate ‘Razia 1’ was in use by CJP & his family. When such news was published in newspapers, the car was sent somewhere

Handling of the Court

  1. Several complaints have been received regarding CJP’s decisions in the court – his decions in writing differs from what he ruled vocally
  2. CJP had been insisting the facilities for which he was not entitled for

In light of these evidences, PM advised President to send this matter to the Supreme Judicial Council – SJC would then investigate into the matters whether he is actually accused ot these allegations or not. He should be stopped from working as a CJP alongwith filing this reference to Supreme Judicial Council


Secretary Law & Justice

Justice Retd. Mansoor Ahmed

Source BBC Urdu Service


3 Responses to Official Details of Reference against CJP

  1. sohail says:

    For God’s sake is it the reference I think if judiciary have a little bit of self respect they should not waist this historic oppotunity to come out from the dark of unjustice Muneer’s deicision which put pakistan under the claws of this evil ( military rule)
    I sugesst any judge who resignes at this stage should be called justice mr xyz any body who stays or favours the military junta should be called unjustice Mr xyz.
    Mr justice Iftikhar choudhry was unjustice Iftikhar choudhry but after annulling the sale of steel mills he became justice Iftikhar choudhry.
    I donot endorse what favour he asked.The prime minister and c m of Baluchistan are more responsible for doing illigal appointment, will Genral Mushi will do something against his Munshi for the same sin , what about the other corroupt judges and ministers who are with the government. Come on Genral Mushi sack your Munshi conduct a free and fare election and earn the respect in history for ever or history will repaet it self.Learn from your predictators(predecesors) but the biggest lesson of history is that nobody learn the lesson from history.

  2. hassan shah says:

    Gathering of all these information against his son is a criminal action to make a ground to seat-out CJ. It is political motovated by the government to un-seat him through a judicial process. Offcourse they might tried to get direct “wrong-doings” by CJ when they failed…. they brought these very cheap allegations.

    Now they realized that this case is very week; they are preparing another reference with only motive to get rid of this CJ.

    I suggest President to withdraw this reference which will make him hero in people’s eye and punish those advisor who are misleading him.

  3. atta says:

    i dont think that the sitting judges should resign (as a sign of solidalitry with the CJP), instead they should keep their respective offices and side by the right, which is their duty. resigning means they are shedding of their duties, instead they should side by their CJP, the SUPREME COURT OF THE PUBLIC has declared the CJP to be innocent due to all his reliefs provided to the poor public by his more then 500 Suo Moto Cases. even if he has misused his powers for his son, it is a very minimal crime as compared to what the Present Corrupt Ministers have done in the past to the nations money and trust. why are they not questioned. the public is well aware of the motive behind the Presidential reference. the higher officials have miguided the president and more that that he is misguided by his will to rule the country, in which he has become blind, he is ready to do anything for it even if he has to take EXTRA CONSTITUTIONAL Steps which means “Unconstitutional Steps”, which is termed as TREASON according to our Constitution, a traitor can not be a president or military commander.
    MUSHARAF should be tried in the Supreme Court not CJP.

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