an Image says a 1000 word – CJP & COAS

It says it all. CJP Iftikhar Chaudhary in Army House confronting COAS Parvez Musharraf.

Click Image to view full size Image for better screen viewing – kindly spread the truth and circulate it to as many people as you can.


ABhi Tau Ham Nahin Bolay

Yet, its only you
and yet its only your allocution,

yet its only your rare breed of words,
yet only your tempting sentences,
only your lips are open yet,
yet you yourself are the only evidence,

yet you are the lord of the lords
yet you are the ruler

yet you are the only source of information
yet its only you have all the vocabulary

yet its only you have the decisions,
yet its only you are the decider,

yet you are the one who holds yesterday & today,
yet only you have all the means,
yet only you are advertising yourself

Its nothing!

your anger will show up,
it’ll speak out of your body & soul,

yet you are the only honoured; but in only your own eyes
yet only you sing your own songs in the highest nodes,

yet you have the authority  over time & space
its only you who have uttered yet
you have uttered whatever you wanted to

whatever you felt like you said
whatever you liked the most – you have said


when its all done
all spoken out

just remember

that I have not said anything yet.


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