Islamic Republic eyes Bhagwan for Justice

Only Bhagwan can provide justice to the 160+ millions people of Islamic Republic of Pakistan” – I received this SMS a few hours ago, as I had a long weekend courtesy Republic Day on 23rd March, so couldn’t blog – because I don’t want to risk my privacy by blogging from my home. 

The SMS in all it means speaks for itself.  

Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili aka Stalin of Russia once said “It’s not the people who vote that count. It’s the people who count the votes” – This also, in all it means, applies to Pakistan, if not for all, then atleast for last 25 years; and dilemma: Political parties of Pakistan have also accepted it.

Since the movement of MRD in 1983 – I have not seen people getting on the roads & streets for their rights.

We are home to all sorts of problems, we have never realised that prosperity can only be achieved thru democracy. No matter how nincompoop our politicians are – We should atleast give them some chance; unfortunately we haven’t done so.

I, for quite some, have been listening,”If there is an issue between family members then the security guard/watchman has no right to overthrow all the family members and govern the home by gun” 

I have also heard this naked truth that one does not harbor an alsatian to rule the house– his sole purpose is to safeguard the home – nothing else at all.

But in our country, this is not the case. Since our independence, the ‘alsatians’ & the ‘security guards’ are the ruler and we are the one who are paying them to rule us!!

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One Response to Islamic Republic eyes Bhagwan for Justice

  1. darvesh says:

    reference to the post – I received following compliments from a college mate —

    “I think equating our ARMY with a Security Guard is wrong. A security guard is not a member of the family but Army is made up of our Pakistani brothers coming from families like yours and mine. So a better example would be saying ‘Army – One of the Family members who has the responsibility to guard the house’. And equating them with an ALSATIAN is even more derrogatory and while saying that, you are doing what ARMY is accused of doing. ”

    I know I have been a bit too harsh – or one may feel that I have been very true – those who feel that I have been a bit too rigorous – think again when a grade 17 army officer calls all except “men at their rest Pakistan Army” as ‘Bloody Civilians’ – how would you feel?

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