Thank You Mr. President General

President General of Pakistan, Mr. General Parvez Musharraf did a wonderful thing in public gathering a couple of days ago.

He clarified that not a single out  of 150+ missing person is in possession of any security agency. He further said that Extreme Islamic Jihadi Organizations might have picked these persons by force for brain washing etc.

blo_wusat_missing_demo203.jpgAlmost 150+ people throughout Pakistan are missing for many months and even for years – this case is under hearing of Supreme Court of Pakistan.

That’s a positive, good & excellent gesture of the General atleast he elucidated the matter otherwise the woman who went up on the stage by breaking all security means was hoping that his relative is in custody of security agencies.

I hope this clarification would have provided peace of mind to that woman.

About 2 years ago, Gohram Saleh, one of the missing vanished from Tilhar mountains. He was suspected to be an activist of Baluchistan Liberation Army(BLA  is an organization fighting for Baluchistan’s Independence from Pakistan). Since then, his mother & sisters are observing hunger strike outside Karachi Press Club – They also had the same misunderstanding that Gohram was picked by Inter Services Intelligence (ISI – Pakistan Army’s Intelligence Agency).

A writer from Baluchistan Dr. Hanif Sharif was missing for about 13 months. Those who picked him dropped him in Turbat. Since his freedom he is hesitant to say anything about the ‘Extremist Organization’ which picked him.

Mubarak Qazi stayed in Turbat Jail for 10 months. It is now believed (after General’s clarification) that he was put in lock-up for his own safety, for his safety from such ‘Extreme Islamic groups’. He was taken into custody for his own good, otherwise such groups might have trained, brainwashed and sent him for ‘Jihad’ to Iraq, Kashmir, Chechnya or Afghanistan.

Thank you Mr. President – Thanks indeed. 

What a Country – What a Persident – What a Clarification!

English Translation of : Wusat’s Blog on BBC’s Urdu Service


One Response to Thank You Mr. President General

  1. Shaheen says:

    Everyone knows these missing people are taken by agencies ad handed over to Americans ..
    these days Musharraf and his pals like Law Minister Wasi Zafar are saying pathetic lies.
    It seems his end is near Inshallah.!

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