ISI & ‘The Men in Black’

Several ‘funny’/’interesting’ incidents took place outside the apex Supreme Court of Pakistan’s building. 

1. Lawyers caught a mini group of ‘men in black‘ – who were shouting slogans in favor of General Musharraf when CJP appeared before SJC for to defend his reference.  

Later on the people who were airing these slogans ;when interrogated by the lawyers who were in great numbere protesting against the reference; a person named Fayyaz said that he belongs to a ‘sensitive department’ & is a resident of Punjab Province. The ‘sensitive’ department is usually used for either Pakistan Army or ISI (Inter Services Intelligence).

?? Musharraf is now using ISI’s men to regain popularity by the cheapest means ever.

2. A lawyer, Col. (Retd.) Anwar Afridi threw away all the medals & insignias which were awarded to him by Pakistan Army during his service times.

Protests by lawyers & opposition parties are going on throughout the country – last night almost 300+ workers of different parties were arrested in Lahore only. Qazi Hussain Ahmed was put in house arrest for 2 days.

Details would be updated as soon as I get them.


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