PEMRA threats Aaj TV

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority has issued a show-cause notice to Aaj TV (“TV Today”). Show-Cause Notice is issued due to Aaj TV’s open & bold coverage of Judicial Crisis of Pakistan. PEMRA has said in its notice that if PEMRA is not satisfied Transmission of Aaj TV in Pakistan can be blocked. PEMRA is a state owned media controlling authority.

Arshad Zuberi, Director of Aaj TV, told BBC that he received the notice on Sunday night. Previously they have been receiving notices relating to different television programmes telecasted by Aaj TV, but PEMRA was always satisfied with Aaj TV’s replies.

Aaj TV pro-actively telecasted live coverage of Chief Justice’s reception at Peshawar High Court on Saturday, which might have stirred Government to issue such notice. Pakistani Media including Geo & Aaj TV have been pro-actively capturing & airing the issues relating to CJP’s suspension.

GEO TV’s office was attacked, its programmes were blocked, even its office in state capital Isalamabad was attacked by Police. Later, President apologised from Geo TV. But soon after the attack, Pakistani media was heavily bribed by the government thru advertisements, but Aaj TV continued with its coverage and did not care of Government’s sentiments – I, quite a few weeks ago raised this point in another post (Bribing the Media) that only Aaj TV is presenting the true picture of Pakistan – now finally when Government couldn’t take more truth – they have issued a threat to the TV Channel.

Arshad told that they are abiding by the directions & instructions issued by Supreme Judicial Council (the one who is hearing President’s reference against Chief Justice). Aaj TV has to reply to the Government in 3 days – if Government is satisfied with the reply there wouldn’t be any hearing or action, otherwise there would hearings and in return Aaj TV might get blocked by PEMRA (who by large controls nationwide cable operators).

Courtesy: BBC Urdu Service


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