Chief Justice vs Chief General

Court rulings have started to come, though moon soon is a bit away but suffocation that has lasted over 7 years, now seems to be ending.

Its worth pondering that a dictator backed byUS Support, empowered with 17th amendment, weaponed with National Security Council, leader of the universal political party of Pakistan i.e. Muslim League (Q) – would turn out to be so weak, debile and decrepit that a single journey would make him to talk about emergency?

Lawyers are getting warned to avoid getting politicise? One may ask Mr. General that when was issuing a warning to the lawyers, where was he? He is serving Army Chief of Pakistan but was addressing a political gathering of Pakistan Muslim League (Q). More than a dozen times, he have asked people to vote for PML (Q) so that PML (Q) would elect him as President? Isn’t he politicising Pakistan Army? He, when was made Army Chief he accepted that he wouldn’t take any part whatsoever in any types of Political activities.

 If a General can not be by force retired or sent on leave or by-passed (as Nawaz Sharif did with General Musharraf) – even though it was Prime Minister’s right and he is empowered to overthrow Army Chief – when an elected Prime Minister used his constitutional right to do so – PM alongwith his goverment was overthrown and is now in exile! — in same manner, how can an army chief in an army camp wearing khaki uniform ask Chief Justice to surrender or to resign? and when opposed, army chief files a reference in haste, puts CJ in house arrest, makes in non-functional, deprives him of very basic human rights which are applicable even in emergency! What are we talking about? Isn’t Army Chief violating his own court of conduct? Hasn’t General himself politicised anything?

Talking about emergency – lets consider some scenarios. Article 232 allows emergency to be imposed in the country provided that there are circumstances which are beyond the control of Government functionaries. Article 234 allows emergency to be imposed in any province of the country provided that constitutional machinery has failed in that province. Article 235 allows emergency to be imposed under worst economic situations. I don’t think that any such is the case in Pakistan.

Lets look at some other possibilities in case of emergency. If emergency is imposed in NWFP and/or Baluchistan – Political parties wouldn’t let it happen at any cost – the current constitutional and political crisis will only get extra fuel if such an emergency is imposed. If an emergency is imposed in Sindh and/or Punjab – the most beloved of General would go home – their gardens will turn out into deserts. Emergency would also be taken as a political, moral, social, psychological and constitutional defeat of the Government.


  • Chief Justice has not overthrown anyone (Chief General has).
  • Chief Justice is just Chief Justice, he owns single designation – (Chief General owns more than 1 – as he is President, He is Chief of Army Staff, He is all in all)
  • Chief Justice has not made any Political Group of his own – Chief General made PML (Q).
  • Chief Justice has not done horse-trading – Chief General made PPPP-P
  • Chief Justice has never owned any political party – Chief General has more than several times declared that he owns PML (Q).
  • Chief Justice has not asked votes for anyone – Chief General has been begging votes for his owned party.

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