Firing @ Munir A. Malik’s House

Some unidentified persons opened heavy firing with machine guns on House cum Office of Mr. Munir A. Malik. Mr. Munir A. Malik’s residence cum office was sealed by Karachi Building Control Authoriy last day. Later in the day, Sindh High Court ordered the authorities to unseal it. Mr. Munir A. Malik is a prominent lawyer, lawyer of Chief Justice of Pakistan in Supreme Judicial Council, President of Supreme Court Bar Association. Firing incident took place around 3 AM in morning today. This incident comes ahead of Lawyers & Opposition’s welcome of Chief Justice’s visit to Karachi on 12th May 2007. On same day, MQM, one of the main ally of Government in Federal as well as provincial assembly has announced to stage a rally in favor of President’s reference against Chief Justice.

Update 1

Dr. Imran Farooq, leader of MQM has condemned the incident. Dr. Ishrat ul Ibad, Governor Sindh, has also denounced it.  Its worth mentioning that most of Karachi’s administration is in hands of MQM & also they share a large amount in administration of Province of Sindh.

Update 2

A police case has been registered against unknown persons. As per Mr. Munir A. Malik, he was watching some special tv transmission at 3 in night when firing took place. At that time, his son & daughter were in the upper story of the house and several bullets have hit their rooms as well. Glasses of windows were shattered. Munir A. Malik then called his friends and colleagues and then called at emergency police number 15. Police reached but Munir A. Malik didn’t trust them so didn’t open the door until the media teams started to reach his residence.


4 Responses to Firing @ Munir A. Malik’s House

  1. atta says:

    attempt to pressurize the lawyers, well i dont think it would work now.

  2. shahzad says:

    it is no good that unidentified person every where in the country opened fired, i think pakistan is a failed state and it should hand over to the UNO

  3. Faraz Jamil Baryalai says:

    ” Tandi e Baad e Mukhalif Se Na Ghabra ey Uqaab……. Ye to Chalti Hai Tujey Oncha Urhaaney K Liye “

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