Bring Back Naseer Ullah Babar

The current state supported terrorism, brute use of heavy arms on innocent people including media asks for some extraordinary measures to be taken. Government & its allied party in Provincial Government of Sindh as well as in Federal Government used all of its power to kill dozens of innocent people to stop them from welcoming Chief Justice of Pakistan.

MQM was given freehand to kill anyone and everyone on Saturday. The only motto was to stop people coming on streets to welcome Chief Justice of Pakistan. CJP was scheduled address professional attendance of Sindh High Court Bar Association on Golden Jubilee of Sindh High Court.

Polie, Rangers and other paramilitary forces were asked to be a silent observer and let the MQM do whatever it wanted to do. City was burning, roads were filled with deadbodies but Home Secretary Sindh and Inspector General Sindh Police was enjoying tea & smoking next to CJP’s arrival lounge.

Sindh High Court took suo moto action and called IG, Home Secretary & Corps Commander. IG & Home Secretary simply said that this is out of their control and orders were from high ups. Corps Commander Karachi simply didn’t take any notice whatsoever of Court’s order and put the orders under his boots.

While the economic hub of Pakistan, the city of Founder of the Nation, the city once termed as ‘the city of lights’ was filled with deadbodies, ruling party was celebrating their show of ‘power’ in Islamabad. They were beating drums, they were dancing over their show of powers.

Let me tell you inside about this show of powers. Provincial & City Government in Lahore paid amounts ranging from 400 to 1,800 rupees per participants including 3 times food, water and sweets, air-conditioned buses to participate in the rally of ruling party. On Saturday morning I was on my way to drop my family members to their offices, Daewoo buses were on the roads and people were openly calling that ‘Go to Islamabad and get 1500 rupees’ – is this what we call ‘show of Powers’?

In Karachi, MQM staged its so called ‘peaceful rally’ and about 2-3 km ago from that area, A TV Channel (Aaj TV’s) building was under heavy fire with automatic weapons. All the world saw the visuals. The firing continued for 6+ hours and no security whatsoever was provided to them. They contacted everyone possible, they called for help but no one took notice.

This is what we call state-terrorism. None other that General Parvez Musharraf, the great US Ally on war on terror was doing. It was all ordered by him.

There is one and only solution this crisis. Restore CJP on his position unconditionally. Governor rule should be imposed in the province of Sindh and Gen (R) Naseer Ullah Babar should be given freehand, the way he was given authority and powers a few years back. Musharraf should resign. A care-taker government should be there to conduct free & fair elections. Army should do what it is supposed to do – they should go back to barricks.


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