Pakistani Bloggers to be watched?

I, a while ago was checking blogstats. Came across a comment whose IP address said pie(.)net(.)pk. PIE is a state run authority to monitor cyber activities across Pakistan. On searching further, I came across following information.

IP Address belongs to Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited.
Domain as mentioned earlier is pie(.)net(.)pk
City is Karachi
Region is Sindh
Country is Pakistan

I suspect that I am personally being very pessimist but as always, one should also consider darker side of things as well.

Yesterday, GEO News website was hacked by some persons and was filled with nasty and filthy remarks for President Parvez Musharraf.

Today, when I came back home after dropping my family members, I sat down with my father outside main door of my house on a cement bench, and started reading newspaper, like I do, almost daily. On the last page of Lahore’s Jang, I saw a news that Government has now decided to watch News Websites of Newspapers & TV Channels.

The same day, some one from Pakistan Internet Exchange has visited my blog – which for sure rings a bell. I don’t know but I am sensing something is going to happen to such blogs, websites which utter things that are not acceptable to our Government and sooner or later there is going to be a crack down on such bloggers, writers, hosts etc.

I again & again tried to go through my blog that I shouldn’t leave any contact information which can be traced to my location. Thanks to my company that I am not using Pakistan’s Internet Services so that I can not be tracked with IP address.

Is it just my fear or something is in the air?


7 Responses to Pakistani Bloggers to be watched?

  1. Mulla Nafs-e-Zakiya says:


    According to my information, the government is cracking down on blogs, and media, or semi media type boards which are commenting on the Chief Justice Issue, they are trying to find out politically affiliated non media people to serve notice if they can trace them down.

    Thats what they are looking for now a days, a dubai based company has been given the contract to data mine all such website, pages which contain the word “justice” and “pakistan”….

    Even if they can not trace you down personally, they might complain in writing to the ISP where you are hosted even if you are out of Pakistan to warn you from commenting.

    Thats all at this moment.


  2. darvesh says:

    Dear Mulla Bro,

    personally for me I am quite safe – as have got close relatives in Army 😀 – and I being in Pakistan, my internet traffic is routed from my place to another city and then from that city to Berlin and from Berlin to Singapore – and almost 25000+ in my company are using the same IP as of mine.

    Thanks for the information- that was very helpful indeed.

  3. Oemar says:

    If your fears are true, is this the beginning of absolute crackdown on Freedom of Expression? An almost-Communist state inside an Islamic State?

    “they might complain in writing to the ISP… even if you are out of Pakistan to warn you from commenting”. Is it possible? (not taunting or joking, I am seriously asking). How can they have control over what outsiders write about the issue?

  4. QB says:

    If you fear that you will be targeted than don’t post anything offensive. You are most welcome to post harsh criticism on religious madness or Pervez Musharraf.

  5. QB says:

    You can post any criticism on my blog.

  6. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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