Police was not weaponized on Bloody Saturday

Various reports and inside information have now proved that Police wasn’t weaponized on Last Saturday in Karachi – A Saturday, when MQM had to play its filthy game, it was ordered that police should not be equipped with any weapons.

A plan made by Karachi Police for May 12, 2007 suggests that it was feared that on 12th May 2007, city can face suicide bombing, bomb blasts, firing and even attacks on political leaders. Astonishingly it was ordered that Police would not be given any type of weapon.

Such a security plan was sent by Karachi Police’s chief Azhar Farooqi with signatures of SSP Security Karachi, Dr. Muhammad Amin Yousaf Zai. It was distributed to all TPOs, Police Stations, SHOs. BBC holds a copy of the plan.

In the plan, it was instructed that police should hold its position as early as 5 AM on 12-May-2007. BUT, POLICE would only be given bamboo sticks along with rifles which can only fire tear gas. It is written in the security plan that police wouldn’t be given any wepaon what so ever. However, it was advised to the Town Police Officers that wherever they feel it necessary they should bear utmost care in providing weapons to Police. But its worth mentioning that when city was burning, roads were blocked and filled with deadbodies – Town Police Officers didn’t feel it necessary to provide any weapon.

News Courtesy : BBC Urdu Service

However, BBC doesn’t mention that if such instructions were also given to Rangers or not – Rangers are the paramilitary forces. Rangers were also deployed alongwith police to safeguard the city.


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