Supreme Court Orders Abrar to Modify

As I feared at the time of Abrar’s new Album’s Launch that it will get a ban or will go into a controversy.

Supreme Court today has ordered Abrar ul Haq to modify the song and remove the words ‘Parveen‘ & ‘Namkeen‘. Court in its ordered has said that new generation listens keenly to Abrar’s Songs, so Abrar should be very careful with the wordings & lyrics using in his songs and he should produce songs which are positive in nature.


One Response to Supreme Court Orders Abrar to Modify

  1. Mulla Nafs-e-Zakiya says:


    Instead of punishing those who whistle and jest on ladies in society, Justice was to make an artist change his expression!!!

    I do not agree with the decision of the Supreme Court. Supreme Court should have punished and create a law to severely punish those elements of the society who create uncomfortable environment for females by using words of disrespect. The same song is being played in India and the rest of the middle east! In middle east you cannot create uncomfortable environment or else they chop up things ! so the supreme court should give protection to females by restricting bad elements, not songs!


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