M2 Motorway stuffed with expired stocks

A couple of days ago (04-August-2007), I alongwith my family, had to go to Islamabad from Lahore and then back on same day. I have always found journey on Motorway (M-II) a bit boring, dull and have never attracted me a great deal, rather I prefer to use GT Road. But due to some reasons, mainly to avoid jumps, jerks and to have a smooth journey we chose to travel via Motorway.

 As usual, people often stops at an eye catching, filled with natural beauty stop-over in Bhera, we also did the same. We bought newly launched Mirinda in Apple flavor from that restaurant – I felt the taste a bit awkward, a bit different from that to which I am used to in Lahore. Another family member also agreed that it looks a bit too different, all of a sudden when I looked at the expiry date, it read 16-Jul-2007. SHOCK!!

 We went to complain it to the restaurant manager, after examining it carefully (as if we were not supposed to report it to him) he replaced the bottles and asked the guy on duty to off-load all the stock in freezers. I thought that it was un-noticed and lack of quality control played a bit of role – hence didn’t feel much bothered.

On our way back, we stopped on the same spot but on the other side of the highway – my wife and sister bought a large bottle of mineral water made by PEPSI (Aquafina) – fortunately they didn’t open the seal and I went to their table as they had to go to get some snacks. I for no reason, just tried to check the expiry and it read 06-Jun-2007.

I got a bit angry and went to the manager that what is it going on here? In routine he went to the duty boy and checked other stock and they read the same expiry date. Instead of being sorry, he was behaving as they haven’t done nothing wrong. I asked for the replacement, they gave me the Nestle’s Pure Life, when I tried to read its expiry and manufacturing/botteled date, expiry, batch #  – nothing was there!

 Is there anyone who can report it to the concerned authorities? or is there anything which we can do in this regard? Is there any court where we can raise our voices? Is there any law that protects the consumer rights? Anything that can be done to stop this practise? They are charging as much as double than the market value and providing expired stocks, counterfeits. Instead of being sorry, they behave as they haven’t done anything wrong – buy or do not buy, that does not bother them at all!


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