CS Graduate[1997-2000] from a top notch CS University of Pakistan – an IT Professional, specifically in the areas of ERP & Business Applications. Courtesy to majoring in Computer Science I am technically one of those ‘techies’ but have interests in literature, metaphysics, national & international politics, current affairs etc. always concerened about all geo-socio-political issues pretaining to Pakistan & Islam. a Microsoft Certified Professional as well. Constantly in search of better means to ware time.

Zinda Rood reflects my own thoughts and views on mentioned stuff.

wish to write to me – comment with your email address.


5 Responses to [about]

  1. J.B. says:

    Hey Darvesh, I just stumbled upon your site as I was trying to learn more about the recent violence in Karachi. It’s been very informative. As someone who’s never been to Lahore, your article about Basant was fascinating.

    Just a little quibble: on some of the news items you post on the front page, you don’t include a link to the original source. Some attribution would be nice because I’d like to know who originally published the various reports.

    Anyway, cheers, and thanks for maintaining such an interesting blog. 🙂

  2. ayesha says:

    Nice bit of plagiarism, Darvesh.

  3. darvesh says:

    Thanks JB & Ayesha
    Usually I do include the contributor & credits – but you may notice some posts have been ill-fromatted – that’s due to the javascript errors on wordpress pages – I couldn’t include the links to sources. as much HTML I knew couldn’t do the trick to hide the source and spoof it with heading to avoid direct links from spammers, hence didn’t write the contributors – now have copied links from old posts when there was no js error and using them.
    Thanks for your valueable comments and pointing it
    A. Saeed

  4. wajahatabbas says:

    Nice Site.

    Really admire to read about your profile, and readings.

    Though i am techie too, Microsoft MVP, but always want to be more on the human side rather on technology.

    I hope your journey will lead you towards pure soul.
    Wajahat Abbas

  5. asslamuallykum wa rahama tuualah wa barakt,
    MashaAllaah ,
    the site is though good but these are not my final remarks. im surffing your site ive read two n half article but my brother “half glass full”


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