CAS rejects WADA appeal over Pakistan Fast Bowling Duo

July 2, 2007

LAUSANNE, Switzerland: World sport’s highest tribunal has rejected an appeal by the World Anti-Doping Agency to reinstate a ban on Pakistan cricketers Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammad Asif.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport said Monday it has no jurisdiction to rule in the dispute between WADA and the Pakistan Cricket Board, which overturned Akhtar’s one-year ban and Asif’s two-year ban for doping.

The decision means the two fast bowlers can continue to compete in matches. They tested positive for the banned steroid nandrolone in October.

CAS said it reached its conclusion “with some considerable regret.” The PCB’s statutes would have to contain a direct reference to the tribunal for it to be able to act in the case, CAS said.

With this decision – a chapter of doping has finally (hopefully) closed for Shoaib Akhter & Muhammad Asif – both bowlers missed ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 in which Pakistan suffered a humiliating loss from cricket minnows Ireland, which followed the tragic death/murder of their coach late Bob Woolmer.

Courtesy: International Herald Tribune


It happens only in India

April 4, 2007

Once cricketers were ranked as gods and cricket as religion “Cricket is our religion – Sachin is our god”. But now a village court (panchayat)  has banned Cricket in 25+ villages of Haryna District. 

Daily Telegraph Reports

It may have the status of a religion across India, but a small village has banned cricket in response to the country’s dismal performance at the cricket World Cup this year.

The decision by the Uchana council in Jind district, some 120 miles north west of New Delhi, is also supported by 27 surrounding villages that are considering imposing their own embargoes.

Village elders, infuriated with India’s failure to make even the last eight in the tournament in the West Indies and frustrated by the media coverage of the country’s failing cricketers, announced yesterday that anyone opposing the ban would face being ostracised socially.

“We believe cricket is as bad for society as a disc jockey. A wise man once said that cricket is not our sport. We should race and play football and volleyball,” the council’s secretary, Jogi Ram, said.

In the conservative Haryana state, DJs are associated with western licentiousness and frowned upon by elders in rural areas.

Other council members declared that the restriction would be no great loss as cricket was not India’s national game.

Locals privately concede that their principal reason for the ban was the poor overall performance of the star India batsman Virender Sehwag, who comes from their part of India and had enjoyed iconic status before the World Cup debacle.

Upon returning from the West Indies last week along with the rest of the Indian team, Sehwag and his colleagues were given a police escort home for protection against angry and disappointed fans.

The homes of all the cricket team have been given armed guards by the respective state governments after scores of incensed fans destroyed the home of wicket keeper Mohinder Dhoni in eastern India following India’s surprise loss to Bangladesh in its first match on March 18.

Another Report by ibnlive

Jeend (Haryana): India’s performance in the World Cup has left many disappointed. But a village in Haryana has gone a step further and imposed a blanket ban on cricket.


The children in Jeend may just be playing their last game of cricket. Call it a fallout of India’s World Cup debacle or disillusionment with the sport. The Uchana village Panchayat in Haryana’s Jeend district has decided to ban the game.


The Panchayat’s decision to boycott cricket also has the support of 27 other villages. The village elders say it’s no great loss as it’s not even the country’s national game.


“We all have taken this decision and those who go against it will have to face social boycott. We have enshrined this in the Panchayat records of 28 villages,” Tewa Singh, the head of Dadan Panchayat says.


“We believe cricket is as bad for society as a DJ (disc jockey) is. A wise man once said that cricket is not our sport. We should race and play football and volleyball,” says secretary Jogi Ram.


The Indian team’s performance at the World Cup may have been the last straw, but most of these villagers want other games lost in the shadow of cricket to be given their due. And the decision to ban cricket doesn’t seem to have upset the children either.


“If our elders don’t play we also wont play,” Sanjay, a resident of the village, says.


“We will stop playing it. We will play kabaddi, football, volleyball and wrestle instead,” Pankaj, another resident, adds.


And even though a reshuffle is on the cards for the Indian team, in this part of the country it’s not just a few players who are facing public anger but the game itself seems to have fallen from favour.

Inspector who led attack on GEO TV is missing

March 19, 2007

President (Permanent-Resident)  of Pakistan Gen. (Retd.) Parvez Musharraf has announced today in GEO TV’s Program ‘Aaj Kamran Khan Kay Saath’ that the Inspector who led the assault on GEO TV, Daily Jang & Daily News’s office is reportedly missing.

What an excuse – We all know by now that this is a routine matter in history of Pakistan – As it had happened with the person who assasinated country’s first Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan.

We know that how the SHO who led police encounter on Mir Murtaza Bhutto was shot dead by the agencies,

We also know that how Umar Asghar Khan was assasinated by the agencies. So its not new for us that why Inspector is missing.

We also know that many hundered people are missing from the country – CJP was hearing this case.

We also know that how mysteriously Justice Bhagwan Das was missing. 

He further uttered that martial-law would not be imposed neither country would be put in state of Emergency (as if we are not under martial law).

He also expressed his dolour over sad demise of Pakistan’s Cricket Coach Bob Woolmer & also showed his grief on Pakistan’s early exit from ICC Cricket World Cup 2007..

Doping or Fitness? – Pak Pace Duo out of World Cup

March 2, 2007

Shoaib Asif

News of Pakistan’s Pace Duo, Shaoib & Asif getting out of World Cup Squad is a  Chapter closed? or a prologue of another mysterious, typical pakistani styled play – Courtesy Pakistan Cricket Board.

Whether the End or the Begining – Brutal time will unfold itself in future – BUT It certainly has jolted already shaken and jarred Pakistan Cricket Team.

“Ambitious” Pakistan cricket team for World CUp 2007 has already been struck by harsh, barbarous, cruel and vicious (whatever you name it) arrows/bullets/missiles of doping & fitness – All Rounder Abdul Razzaq is already out of the squad.

Instead of waiting till the last moment – PCB sould have prepared its team well in advance  to play championship without their main battery. A badly moralled team has departed for the Caribbean.

Uncertainty about these electrons of Pakistan Cricket Team has ended now. Team management now comes to know that they’ll have to play worldcup without their narcotized bowlers.

Had it been clear earlier – team management, poor bulky Inzi, aged and senesced Woolmer would have devised a better strategy. But as they handeled their doping matter – they handeled this matter in a pathetic, ill-managed, poor, Ghattya manner.

Opposition teams would certainly be more than happy that they won’t be facing bullets, snaky red cherry and toe crushers.

If this had to be the fate of Asif & Shoaib – what was sense in setting up an appellate court tribunal and getting them cleared of doping charges – what did we get by getting humiliating critique of WADA, ICC, International Media, Court etc.

Would PCB again do something which is beyond anyone’s imagination – They’ll wait for the nandrolone to drain out of their bodies with another diuretic or by natural healing process like Arq e Bazuri (herbal syrups) and would call them to the World Cup – anything can happen!

Let me share a few couplets from one of my all time favorite poem.
What we call the beginning is often the end
and to make and end is to make a beginning.

The end is where we start from.

And every phrase and sentence that is right
(Where every word is at home,
Taking its place to support the others,
The word neither diffident nor ostentatious,
An easy commerce of the old and the new,
The common word exact without vulgarity,
The formal word precise but not pedantic,
The complete consort dancing together)

Every phrase and every sentence is an end and a beginning,
Every poem an epitaph

Bret Lee out of Worldcup

February 23, 2007

Australian pacer Brett Lee has been ruled out of the World Cup with an ankle injury and his recovery is expected to take up to three months.  Stuart Clark has been called to replace one of the fastest bowlers of cricket history.

Trefor James, the team doctor, said Lee would be unable to bowl for two to three months. “Brett has injured the ligaments in his left ankle and after further review by orthopaedic surgeon Kim Slater, Kim has advised me that the injury has not improved,” Trefor said.

Australia’s first game of the World Cup is on March 14 against Scotland and the squad is also waiting on the fitness of Andrew Symonds. Symonds had surgery on his arm before the CB Series finals and hoped to make a mid-tournament entry.

Australia would also be missing the services of Adam Glichrist in initial stages of the tournament – Gilchrist would be with his wife – who is expecting a baby.

This is a big blow to the confidence of World Champions – who has already suffered their humiliating defeats in their ODI Cricketing history.

Samjhota Express – Truth of Indo-Pak Relationship

February 22, 2007

For last so many years, we have been hearing from both sides (India & Pakistan) that peace between India & Pakistan can only be achieved through friendship between people. Whether its Friendship Bus Service, Friendly Cricket Series (Dil Jeet Lo – Win the Hearts) or its Samjhota Express Train Service – all are the tries to reach to the goal of peace.

BUT, recent tragedy of Samjhota Express near Panipat has brought the truth out of this so called peace-process. The measured distance between Wahgah Border (Entry point of this train) & Delhi (Indian Capital) is 492 KM i.e. roughly 300 miles. Don’t believe me – see it for yourself – this is what Indian Government signs are saying on the border.

Road Sign

Train from Indian side, starts its journey from Delhi. Recent news have shown that for 300 miles of journey – mind you its not an express train – it hardly travel at the speed of 30 to 40 miles per hour, people are are bound to be caged in bogies from Delhi till they reach the crossing point. No immigration procedure is performed from the starting point of journey – all the immigration, customs, checking etc are performed at Wahgah border. Then whats the logic behind caging the passengers like animals are kept in zoos? Is this what the world’s largest democracy has to offer to the world?

Indian Claims

Where is the list of Passengers? When people are boarded on train – there is a list maintained by the government, and security and “so called” intelligence agencies do keep a list of the passengers travelling by this “spacious train” with a capacity of 300 passengers carrying more than double of its capacity. Where is that list? Why has it not yet been provided to the Government of Pakistan?

Mr. Laloo, Railway minister of India is claimed to be a close & personal friend of Shiekh Rasheed (the railway minister of Pakistan) and has visited is well known laal haveli in Ralwapindi, as per a program telecasted on AAJ Television – Mr. Rasheed says that he has been unable to speak to his close friend & counter part on other side. Mr. Laloo is missing from the scene.

News reports also suggests that all the telephonic links between India & Pakistan were cut off after the news break up?

Our Government (if one exists) has accepted that it didn’t know that passengers were given such a VIP treatment on the Indian side. This train service started back in 1974. What is our intelligence agency doing? Intelligence agencies are meant to safeguard the interests of the country – and from this report it seems that they have nothing to do with the interests of its own citizens!

What are Indian security agencies doing? There was no checking what so ever performed by any official before the train left its station?

I mean I am not getting emotional – I don’t want to be – but for anyone’s sake – people are people – they are human – they are not animals – they should be treated like human.

 I am forced to sing the song

 “Samjhota Ghamo`n Say Kar Lo…..

ICC Cricket Worldcup 2007 – Schedule

February 13, 2007

ICC Cricket Worldcup 2007 - Matche Schedule