Supreme Court Orders Abrar to Modify

May 28, 2007

As I feared at the time of Abrar’s new Album’s Launch that it will get a ban or will go into a controversy.

Supreme Court today has ordered Abrar ul Haq to modify the song and remove the words ‘Parveen‘ & ‘Namkeen‘. Court in its ordered has said that new generation listens keenly to Abrar’s Songs, so Abrar should be very careful with the wordings & lyrics using in his songs and he should produce songs which are positive in nature.


universe of Sorrow

March 21, 2007

Pir Fazal Hussain Gujrati’s Ghazal is hereunder – It’s in punjabi – you’ll find it in roman, in Shahmukhi and image of it in Shahmukhi –  and a poor translation

in Roman

mein kaihRi apnay darda`n dee duniya wich waSSa`n ki daSSa`n?
kiss gaLLay paeya`n ro ro kay chehray tay laSSa`n kee dassa`n?

mein TurYa jungle bailay nu, oh habal wareedo`n naihRay see,
ik paanay waalay paaiya`n san kujh puThiyan daSSa`n kee daSSa`n?

oh ishq nahin jo lag jaey tay gorr uraiRay leh jae`y
eih chaRiya`n hoeya`n fair kaddi lathiyaa`n nahin kaSSa`n kee daSSa`n?

bHan mathay nu farhaad leya, pani dee nehar wagaai naa,
mein jaari keetiyan Khoon diyan akha`n thie`n kaSSa`n kee daSSa`n?

hadd ohdi jitho`n Turdi aey mukdi aey hadd tassawar dee,
mein einwain kaam khayaala`n day pya GhoRay kaSSa`n kee daSSa`n?

rung khuliya meri wehshat da ho kaTThay kujh hamdard gaey,
o ro ro puchan haal mera, mein khiRR khiRR haSSa`n kee daSSa`n?

koi wekhay merayaa`n zakhma`n nu, koi bharnay dee tajveez karray
koi ajaiya`ha sayaana diSSay naa, mein kinhu daSSa`n kee daSSa`n?

kiun Fazal sodai hoya aeyn, pallay diyaa`n leera laai`yaa`n nee?
phaRR paLLa loki puchday nay, mein paLLa khaSSa`n kee daSS`an?

in Shahmukhi (Punjabi in Urdu Script)

میں‌کیہڑی اپنے درداں دی دُنیا وچ وسّاں کی دسّاں
کس گلّے پیئاں رو رو کے چہرے تے لسّاں کی دسّاں

میں ٹُریا جنگل بیلے نوں اوہ حبل وریدوں نیڑے سی
اک پانے والے پایاں سن کُجھ پُٹھیاں دسّاں کی دسّاں

اوہ عشق نہیں جو لگ جائے تے گور اُریڑے لہہ جائے
ایہہ چڑھیاں ہوئیاں فیر کدی لتھیاں نہیں کسّاں کی دسّاں

بھن متھے نوں فرہاد لیا پانی دی نہر وگائی نہ
میں جاری کیتیاں خون دِیاں اکھاں تِھیں کسّاں کی دسّاں

حد اوہدی جِتھوں ٹُردی اے مُکدی اے حد تصور دی
میں اینویں کام خیالاں دے پیا گھوڑے کسّاں کی دسّاں

رنگ ُکھلیا میری وحشت دا ہو کٹھے کجھ ہمدرد گئے
اوہ رو رو پُچھن حال میرا میں‌کِھڑ کِھڑ ہسّاں کی دسّاں

کوئی ویکھے میریاں زخماں نوں کوئی بھرنے دی تجویز کرے
کوئی اجیہا سیانا دِسّے نہ میں‌کِنہوں دّساں کی دسّاں

کیوں فضل سودائی ہویا ئیں پلّے دیاں لیراں لاہیاں نی
پھڑ لوکی پلّا پچھدے نیں میں پلّا کھسّاں کی دسّاں 

 Pir Fazal Hussain Gujrati’s poem - mein kaihRi apnay darda`n dee duniya wich waSSa`n ki daSSa`n?


What shall I say to you  about my world that is full of pain and sorrow?
why did my tears caused wrinkles & lashes on face? What shall I say?

I went towards forest to be alone and to find the Lord – who is nearer than my aorta
some ill-informed told me the wrong way – what shall I say?

That is not love which leaves you before your death,
fever of Love doesn’t go away – what shall I say?

Farhad failed in his efforts and couldn’t even dug a canal of water,
river of blood started from my eyes – what shall I say?

His limits/boundary starts there – where the limits of imagination ends,
whats the use of my imagination then? – what shall I say?

when people came to know about me – some friends got together,
they were crying to see me – I was laughing – what shall I say?

some are looking at my wounds and some are suggesting methods to heal them,
but the One I am looking for is no where – what shall I say?

Fazal, why have you gone mad – why have you torn your dress?
people are trying to know about my madness, I am trying to avoid them – what shall I say?

Please correct my translation as I am not good at it


Review & Download Abrar’s Latest Album – Nara Sada Ishq Aye

March 7, 2007

abrar-ul-haq.jpgAfter a couple of years – Abrar ul Haq – the real king of Punjabi Bhangra has rocked the market with his new album – Nara Sada Ishq Aye– very well marketed by Geo Network & Telenor.  Both CD & Cassette contains a telenor voucher worth PKR 50. I have expressed my personal views of tracks – you may differ – If you agree or differ, please do leave comments. You can also download the tracks in MP3 format from the links provided at the end of every track’s review.

Album is available both in Cassettes & CDs. Album contains 10 songs

  1. Rano
  2. Parmeen (Parveen)
  3. Jatt
  4. Nara Sada Ishq Aye
  5. Saanson Mein
  6. Patlo Jai
  7. Run Baabay Dee
  8. Mela
  9. Maan
  10. Alif Allah

Lets review the songs one by one – for the first time Abrar has used the western rap style in his album.

1. Rano – Rano Iko Gall Kehni Aey – Judai Naiyo Sehni Aye

Soft and  medium track –  music is soothing to ears, when you play to the song – it seems that you have listened it somewhere – this is due to the folk punjabi touch which is typical to Abrar – a rare commodity now a days. It’ll remind you the song Sachiyaa`n Tay Kooriyaan – Gallan Kariyay Gooriyaan or Nee Kuriyay Badaami Rangiyay… Song gets 7 out of 10 in my ratings.

Download – Rano

2. Parmeen – Ni Parveen – Bari Namkeen

Abrar in totally new style of lyrics – a bhangra number – start of the number is totally different from what song actually contains – combination of both western & eastern style – I am sensing that this number will get a ban by court – as it contains name Parveen – though on the album its spelled as Parmeen – That is just to avoid such controversy – song gets 7.5 out of 10.

Downloadn MP3 – Parmeen

3. Jatt – No IF & No BUT – Only Jatt

Download Jatt

So far – the best song ever produced by Abrar
Song is a successor to Abrar’s hottest video Jatt Charhya Katchehry Ballay Vai Ballay 

lets go through the lyrics first

Ho Baazi Kissay V Medaan Cheh Na Haari Jatt Nay
Ajj Chak Lai Aye Morr Kay Do Naali Jatt Nay
Saaray Nass Gaey Shareek Pind Chadh Kay,
Maar Esi Maari Jatt Nay…..
Jiddo`n Hoya Na Koi Judge Kolo`n Faisla,
Katchehri Aapay Laa Lai Jatt Nay…

Jatt Nu Loko`n Light Nai Lena,
Sabb Tau Wadda Aqal Hay Gehna,
Lorr Paway Tay Fait (fight) Vee Karda Aey,
Internet Tay Chat Vee Karda Aey,
Pagg Ban Lai Kullay Tay Chittay Rang Dee,
Kameez Kali Paa Laee Jatt Nay….
Jiddo`n Hoya Na Koi Judge Kolo`n Faisla,
Katchehri Aapay Laa Lai Jatt Nay…

Shehar Dee Corruption Jatt Nay Mukaani Aey,
Putt Sutthni Aey Paawai`n Kinni Vee Purani Aey,
Qabzay Qubzay Rehn Nai Dainay,
Jaggay Tax Vee Lain Nai Dainay,
Muchh Chak Maari Jai Naalay,
Modhay Utt Rakh Lai Do-Naali Jatt Nay,
Jiddo`n Hoya Na Koi Judge Kolo`n Faisla,
Katchehri Aapay Laa Lai Jatt Nay…

Yaar Dee Khaatir Larr Marr Jaana,
Jatt Da Hay Style Puraana,
Paawain Sooli Charhna Pay Jaey,
Keeta Qoll Qaraar Nibhaana,
Saari Parryaan Cheh Gall Jaddo`n Keeti Aye,
Tay Keeti Aye Karrari Jatt Nay…
Jiddo`n Hoya Na Koi Judge Kolo`n Faisla,
Katchehri Aapay Laa Lai Jatt Nay…

This is such a attaracting number that I bought this album last night & since then I have listened to this number for countless time – Abrar being a Jatt has truly portrayed a true and typical proud Jatt. Song gets 10 out of 10.

Download Jatt

4. Nara Sada Ishq Aye

Title song of the album is not upto that par for which we got used to for so many years and for so many albums from Abrar – Even though the song lacks a bit, still its a great number. Some part of the song seems to have copied Abrar’s own ‘Aa Ja Nee Beh Cycle Tay’ – specially when he says ‘Kar Day Nee Paper Sign Kurray’…. Song gets 7.5 out of 10.

Download Nara Sada Ishq Aye

5. Saanson Mein Baj Rahi Hay Pall Pall – Teri Dhun Sanam…

When number starts – it seems that you are going to listen to Fanaa’s song ‘Subhaan Allah’ – but after a couple of seconds you change your mind. Like in every album, Abrar produced so far, he has added one such number, which is soft, romantic, medium, night time number, this is one of those like December, Sohny Soorat, Agar Kabhi or to some extent Dilbar falls in the same category. Song is a bit shorter than what one expects from it. I’ll give it 7 out of 10.

Download – Saanson Mein

6. Patlo Jai

Typical to Abrar – mixing old, rare punjabi similes & metaphors with modern, western & english style. I’ll simply call it exuberant – It really projects our heritage to the outer world or to the world who doesn’t understand real punjabi. Song is a definite listen to. I’ll give it atleast 8.5 9 out of 10.

Download – Patlo Jai

7. Run Baabay Dee

The composition which I guess has let me down – is this one. This is a folk song, sung previously by many singers. Its a punjabi Boli. Like Abrar’s own song Boliyaa`n.. But he certainly could have improved its composition. Seems that this number has been added in a haste. Lack in composition has been covered by Abrar’s vocals. I’ll given it certainly 7 out of 10 atleast – just due to Abrar’s brilliant use of his voice & accent.

Download – Run Baabay Dee

8. Mela

May be its a new number for many people of my age – This is an oldie song, if I am not wrong, it was previously sung by Inayat Hussain Bhatti :S Correct me if I am mistaken. Its a folk, mystical song – very well sung. It gets 8.5 out of 10.

Download Mela

9. Maan

Slow track, honestly I haven’t listened to it completely, but certainly it has something which attracts those who love their mothers. I’ll blindly give it 8 out of 10.

Download – Maan

10. Alif Allah

Abrar has let his fan down – Didn’t mix any of his own lyrics with verses of Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) – a famous saint of Qadri, Qalandri Silsila. I won’t give more than 5 to this number.

Download – Alif Allah

Overall, album is worth buying, worth listening, release timings are bit late. Had this number been released at Basant – It would have been played on almost every rooftop of Lahore. CD & Cassette packs lacks Lyrics List. So the new listeners, they have to play, pause, play many a times to actually understand the lyrics.

Please do leave your comments – If you like or dislike – agree or not.

Thanks to for providing MP3s.