Police Raids FAST-National University Lahore Campus

November 7, 2007

Students protesting FAST-National University

About 100+ Computers & Management Sciences Students alongwith Faculty Members of FAST-National University (including many Ph.D) started their peacfull protest against imposition of Emergency in Pakistan by Chief of Army Staff General (Retd.) Parvez Musharraf.

 But as soon as the protest started and students & faculty members started to gather near main entrance of a huge purpose built campus of the University, Police raided the University.

As per very latest from inside the campus, Police has entered inside the campus building and have so far arrested 3 students and deployed heavy numbers of sergeants inside and outside the University.

 FAST-National University of Computers & Emerging Sciences is the top notch CS University of Pakistan and is rated amongst the best in South Asia. Graduates of FAST-NUCES are working in Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Dell, Sun to name a few.

University Website : FAST National University of Computers & Emerging Sciences

Update – Coverage of Event by National & International Media

BBC Urdu Service

Protest in The News International

Covered by The Dawn

The Post

Daily Times


The world’s top 10 most liveable cities

October 24, 2007

What is your wild guess? Which cities are in your opinion would there be in your list of most liveable cities? Quality of Life & Quality of Living being the decisive criterion.

If you have any American City in your list? Stop making a list! quit the website. Thank you for your time.

Londoners, am sorry, your city could be beautiful to you but not to Monocle Magazine.

Parasites – Ooops, I mean Paris People, you must be living in one of the most fashionable city, city known for its many things & the city of Eiffel Towers – but sorry if you have your feelings hurt that your city is not in the list.

Here is the list with a lil introduction.

For complete survey with pictures Click Here

# 10 Madrid

Culturally, Madrid was long regarded as stuffy as compared to hip Barcelona. But it has undergone a renaissance. It now attracts more international theatre, dance & music, and will be seat of the new Royal Spanish Ballet.

# 9 Honolulu

The sport may live and breathe here on the southeastern coast of the island of Oahu, but Honolulu is no longer a far-flung destination for surfers and vacationers. Bridging the oceanic gap between California and Asia, Honolulu now fits the definition of a global city – a palm- fringed metropolis with a population as diverse as its flora.

# 8 Stockholm

There is something special about the cool, ordered, mature beauty of Stockholm. And beauty, for sure, is one of Stockholm’s trump cards: the beauty of its people, of its buildings, of its waters and parks. But there are other reasons for Stockholmers to be proud of their city.

# 7 Sydney

The perpetual blue sky, the harbour, the stunning beaches, the bushland humming with wildlife… Sydney’s natural beauty is relentless. The city bewitches its citizens, who react by prancing to the beach with a cappuccino or lounging in a café with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc in hand. Sydney is showing off. Again.

# 6 Helsinki

Today, Helsinki is a western city. Over the past decade the European fashion chains have arrived, while smart bars have replaced the old beer cafés. However, the city retains a distinctly Finnish quality. The fashion, music, film and art scenes are blooming, and the Nordic welfare model guarantees a high quality of life for virtually everyone.

#5 Vienna

Mittel-European grandeur meets modernity in the new Vienna. The Austrian capital, famous for its rich cultural heritage, also has a progressive eco- friendly municipal government. Smart white and red trams cover 30 routes, and the metro is punctual, smooth and clean. 

#4 Tokyo

Integrated transport, breathtaking technology, great service and the best bars make this our top big city. The real Tokyo for the most part confounds expectations. Visitors are rarely prepared for the other side of the city, so unlike its raucous alter ego: the quietness of the subway, the peaceful residential streets, the old-fashionedness of the place 

#3 Zurich

In Zürich, small and perfectly formed has turned out to be both a blessing and a curse. Those who have never been there imagine this Swiss finance capital to be inhabited by grey men wearing ill-fitting suits, shuttling the world’s money around while living off fondue. Perhaps this was the case 20 years ago, but today it couldn’t be further from the truth

#2 Copenhagen

A new wave of Danish architects, designers and chefs, plus some joined-up thinking by city officials, has seen Copenhagen reborn to the extent that locals now refer to it as the gateway to mainland Europe.


# 1 Munich

After much tire-kicking, data-sifting and deliberation, Munich emerged as Monocle magazine’s most liveable city in the world. A winning combination of investment in infrastructure, high-quality housing, low crime, liberal politics, strong media and general feeling of Gemütlichkeit make it a city that should inspire others

Article can be accessed – International Herald Tribune

Emergency to be Imposed in Pakistan?

August 9, 2007

Varoius media news, various information sources have suggested that Emergency shall be imposed in Pakistan mid-night today. Almost all newspapers of the country have reported the same.

Hereunder are a few headlines of leading newspapers:

Daily Jang : “If emergency isn’t successful, martial law shall be imposed”

Daily Nawa -e- Waqt: “Government in discussion with allies to impose Emergency”

Daily Express: “Emergency to be imposed – Presidential order is ready”

Daily Awaz: “Political orphans are asking for emergency for last 1 year – Emergency shall be challenged in Courts – Benazir Bhutto”

Daily Pakistan: “Emergency shall be imposed in the country today – Ch. Shujaat Hussain”

and the most interesting of all

Daily Times: President Musharraf is shown in Uniform in Headline and its written “My Dear Countrymen….”

 There are also news that US Secretary of State Ms. C. Rice called President Musharraf regarding the same for about 17 minutes early morning today around 2 AM Pakistan Standard Time.

 Source: Various Newspapers

M2 Motorway stuffed with expired stocks

August 7, 2007

A couple of days ago (04-August-2007), I alongwith my family, had to go to Islamabad from Lahore and then back on same day. I have always found journey on Motorway (M-II) a bit boring, dull and have never attracted me a great deal, rather I prefer to use GT Road. But due to some reasons, mainly to avoid jumps, jerks and to have a smooth journey we chose to travel via Motorway.

 As usual, people often stops at an eye catching, filled with natural beauty stop-over in Bhera, we also did the same. We bought newly launched Mirinda in Apple flavor from that restaurant – I felt the taste a bit awkward, a bit different from that to which I am used to in Lahore. Another family member also agreed that it looks a bit too different, all of a sudden when I looked at the expiry date, it read 16-Jul-2007. SHOCK!!

 We went to complain it to the restaurant manager, after examining it carefully (as if we were not supposed to report it to him) he replaced the bottles and asked the guy on duty to off-load all the stock in freezers. I thought that it was un-noticed and lack of quality control played a bit of role – hence didn’t feel much bothered.

On our way back, we stopped on the same spot but on the other side of the highway – my wife and sister bought a large bottle of mineral water made by PEPSI (Aquafina) – fortunately they didn’t open the seal and I went to their table as they had to go to get some snacks. I for no reason, just tried to check the expiry and it read 06-Jun-2007.

I got a bit angry and went to the manager that what is it going on here? In routine he went to the duty boy and checked other stock and they read the same expiry date. Instead of being sorry, he was behaving as they haven’t done nothing wrong. I asked for the replacement, they gave me the Nestle’s Pure Life, when I tried to read its expiry and manufacturing/botteled date, expiry, batch #  – nothing was there!

 Is there anyone who can report it to the concerned authorities? or is there anything which we can do in this regard? Is there any court where we can raise our voices? Is there any law that protects the consumer rights? Anything that can be done to stop this practise? They are charging as much as double than the market value and providing expired stocks, counterfeits. Instead of being sorry, they behave as they haven’t done anything wrong – buy or do not buy, that does not bother them at all!

CAS rejects WADA appeal over Pakistan Fast Bowling Duo

July 2, 2007

LAUSANNE, Switzerland: World sport’s highest tribunal has rejected an appeal by the World Anti-Doping Agency to reinstate a ban on Pakistan cricketers Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammad Asif.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport said Monday it has no jurisdiction to rule in the dispute between WADA and the Pakistan Cricket Board, which overturned Akhtar’s one-year ban and Asif’s two-year ban for doping.

The decision means the two fast bowlers can continue to compete in matches. They tested positive for the banned steroid nandrolone in October.

CAS said it reached its conclusion “with some considerable regret.” The PCB’s statutes would have to contain a direct reference to the tribunal for it to be able to act in the case, CAS said.

With this decision – a chapter of doping has finally (hopefully) closed for Shoaib Akhter & Muhammad Asif – both bowlers missed ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 in which Pakistan suffered a humiliating loss from cricket minnows Ireland, which followed the tragic death/murder of their coach late Bob Woolmer.

Courtesy: International Herald Tribune

Court News from Pakistan

May 15, 2007

News related to court matters gathered through various sources are below.

Petition against Parvez Elahi & Sheikh Rasheed submitted in Lahore High Court

A petition against Chaudhary Parvez Elahi (Chief Minister Punjab) and Sheikh Rasheed (Minister of Railways) has been filed in Lahore High Court. Both of them addressed a rally in Islamabad on 12-May-2007 and specifically targetted their voices against Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mr. Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary. Supplicant has written in his petition that Mr. Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhar is still the Chief Justice of Pakistan and as per constitution no one is allowed to directly address Chief Justice of Pakistan.  Both Mr. Elahi & Mr. Rasheed have been accused of Contempt of Court.

Justice Sarmad Jalal Usmani sworn in as Acting CJ of Sindh High Court

Senior Judge of Sindh High Court, Mr. Justice Sarmad Jalal Usmani has been sworn in as Acting Chief Justice of Sindh High Court in Karachi. Chief Justice of Sindh High Court, Mr. Justice Sabeeh ud Din Ahmed is on a foreign tour of 1 week.

Proceeding of Suo Moto Action of Hammad Raza’s Murder

Supreme Court of Pakistan, yesterday took suo moto action over murder of Mr. Hammad Raza, Additional Registrar of Supreme Court of Pakistan. Mr. Hammad Raza was killed in his home yesterday early morning.

Full Court Bench of Supreme Court to start its proceedings today

Full Court Bench of Supreme Court of Pakistan would start its proceedings on 23+ petitions filed against the filing of reference against Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mr. Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary. Mr. Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary is also amongst the persons who have filed such petition. President and Army Chief of Pakistan, General Parvez Musharraf sent this reference to Supreme Judicial Council on 9th March, 2007. Its pity that in our country – Chief Justice is asking for Justice and Chief of Army Staff is insecure. 

Some more news from Supreme Court of Pakistan

Full Court Bench of Supreme Court of Pakistan has upheld the stay order issued by a bench earlier constituted to halt Supreme Judicial Council. Full Court Bench has issued an order that unless there is a decision of CJP’s petition is announced – SJC is advised to stop its proceedings.

Supreme Court has also said that apex court itself is monitoring the investigations of the murder of Hammad Raza.

Hammad Raza – Target Killing?

May 15, 2007

Widow of Hammad Raza, the deceased additional registrar of Supreme Court of Pakistan, has said that his husband is a victim of target killing by the state. Shabana Hammad told BBC that 2 persons entered their house in Sector G-10/2 of Islamabad and were looking for Hammad Raza.

She has categorically rejected that persons entered were dacoit. Killers knocked at the bedroom, when door was opened they instantally killed Hammad Raza and within a minute or two they were gone.

Hammad Raza belonged to the District Management Group (DMG) of Civil Services of Pakistan. Hammad Raza was one of the main persons who were interrogated by agencies to find any evidence to support the notorious reference against Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mr. Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary.

Shabana Hammad, who is british nationlist have also sought help from British High Commission in Islamabad.

Justice (R) Tariq Mehmood, a lawyer representing Chief Justice of Pakistan, has said that Hammad Raza was an important cogent evidence of Chief Justice of Pakistan. He also said that government agencies were pressurising Hammad Raza to say anything that goes against Chief Justice of Pakistan but he refused to do so.

Last night, Hammad was buried in graveyard of Lahore.

Courtesy: BBC Urdu Service