India tests fire Pirthvi Missile

May 9, 2007

India has reportedly test fired Pirthvi I missile. Indian army has termed the test as a success. Missile test was conducted in Orissa state. Details awaited.


Pirthvi – the missile test fired, is a surface to surface medium ranged (range upto 150 KM, nearly 100 miles) is capable of carrying both conventional and nuclear weapons. Missile test was conduced in Chandipur area of Orissa district. As per defence officials in Orissa – missile test was carried out on military’s request to check its working.


Bhutto – Your Country Beckons You!!!

April 4, 2007

Bhutto Sahib
Today on 4th April, I can’t utter much of my own – those who are interested can visit the following website.

Wait, read this speech first.

Look at Bhutto’s vision.

He long ago forecasted about Russia – in Security Council – targetting specifically the russian envoy, 

Today, it is Pakistan. We are your guinea pigs today. But there will be other guinea pigs and you will see what happens. You will see how the chain of events unfolds itself. You want us to lick the dust. We are not going to lick the dust.”

My Country Beckons Me

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Bhutto Sahib’s Last Moments on 4th April 1979

Pakistan tests Hatf-VII Babar Cruise Missile

March 22, 2007

Early Morning today, Pakistan has successfully test fired its radar evading nuclear ready Hatf-VII Babar Cruise Missile ranging upto 700 KM (430 miles). It can carry conventional weapons as well as nuclear ones.

Babar was previously tested in 2005. General Ehsan ul Haq alongwith scientists and senior army personnels were available the site of test fire.

“The test is part of Pakistan’s ongoing efforts at consolidating its strategic capability and strengthening national security,” the ISPR (Inter Services Public Relations) directorate said in a statement.

“Babur was tested successfully with new technical parameters and enhanced edge,” said Maj. Gen. Waheed Arshad, the top army spokesman.

Neither Arshad nor the military statement specified site of the missile launch.

President General Pervez Musharraf and Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz congratulated the scientists and engineers for “this very important success” of the test, the military statement said.

India and Pakistan have an agreement under which each country informs that other ahead of its missile tests.

But Pakistan did not inform India of the test Thursday because the accord does not include providing prior information on cruise missile tests, a military official said on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to comment to media.

In February, Pakistan successfully test-fired a new version of its long-range nuclear-capable missile, Hatf VI (Shaheen II), which has a range of 2,000 kilometers (1,245 miles).

Target Iran : Friday, April 06, 200

March 16, 2007

United States is all set to pelt Iran’s Nuclear Installations thru its submarines & warships on Friday, April 06, 2007, a Russian Newspaper reports.

Arab TV announced that US has decided to destroy all 20 Nuclear installations of Iran – that’ll halt Iran’s Nuclear Program minimum for 5-7 years.

According to reports, US will whang Iran with air strikes at 4 AM early morning till 4 PM.

Russians have cautioned Iranians that if they don’t satisfy IAEA then Russia would be in no position to help Iran.

Russian Military experts envisage that after failure of dialogues between IAEA & Iran on 20th Feb, US preparations for attack have culminated to Rubicon (reached to the point of no return).

Sunday Herald  

Pakistan test fires Nuclear Capable Ballistic Missile

February 23, 2007

Pakistan has test fired their long-range nuclear capable surface-to-surface,  two staged solid fuel ballistic missile Hatf-VI, Shaheen II.

Hatf-VI, Shaheen II

The Shaheen II, Hatf-VI launched from an undisclosed location has a range of roughly 2,000 kilometers i.e. 1,250 miles which covers a major portion of India (the main threat).

The Shaheen II, Hatf-VI is Pakistan’s longest-range ballistic missile system, and has the capability to hit major cities in neighboring India.

The missile “can carry nuclear and conventional warheads with high accuracy,” the military said in a statement. An earlier version of the missile was tested in April 2006, and officials said they could not release details of how it had been upgraded.

On Wednesday, Pakistani and Indian officials signed an agreement in New Delhi to reduce the risk of an accidental nuclear war between them.

Pakistan became a declared nuclear power in 1998 in response to nuclear tests by India.

After witnessing the missile test on Friday, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, Gen. Ehsan Ul Haq, congratulated the scientists and engineers for “achieving an important milestone in Pakistan’s quest for sustaining strategic balance in South Asia,” the military statement said.

It also quoted Haq as saying that “Pakistan’s strategy of credible minimum deterrence was fully in place and was a guarantee of peace in the region.”

In separate messages, Pakistani President Gen. Pervez Musharraf and Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz also congratulated the scientists and engineers for upgrading the missile.