Zinda Rood

Zinda Rood – Mard e Kaamil – Mard e Momin – The Man – Al-Insaan

 Zinda Rood is basically the name given to the person (Allama himself)  in Javed Nama – Allama Iqbal(RA)’s metaphysical journey to the other world where Zinda Rood meets many great people and tries to solve some unanswered mysteries.

Zinda Rood – the book, is a three/four volume biographical (also available in 1 book form) work of Justice Javed Iqbal on Allama Muhammad Iqbal (RA), the famous Muslim poet-philosopher.

 External Links:

  • Read Zinda Rood 1 in Urdu
  • Read Zinda Rood 2 in Urdu
  • Read Zinda Rood 3 in Urdu
  • Read Zinda Rood 4 in Urdu
  • You may also find this book chapter by chapter – available online on


    La Phir Ik Bar Wohi Baada o Jam

    I’ll try to add more stuff related to Allama (RA) in this page.


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